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Featured Reader: Candi (ext. 509)

“I love using my skills as I am directly called upon for my clients”, says Featured Reader Candi at extension 509. Candi’s first experience with her ability which she refers to as *seeing* occurred at a grocery store of all places in Richmond, Virginia, USA, when she was only 18 years old.

While shopping for her goods, at one point, Candi thought she was hearing a lot of voices on the next aisle. Out of curiosity, she went over to the next aisle to discover only one man who, according to her, “Clearly did not belong in our time.” When this man noticed Candi, he walked to the opposite end of the aisle and motioned for her to follow him. With Candi and this historical figure being the only two people on the aisle, Candi says it seemed like time stood still and she heard no other voices despite the grocery store being full of other people.

Despite resisting that gentleman’s invitation to follow him, Candi (x509), knew that was the beginning of her “seeing”. At that time so early in her life, she did not want the responsibility that would come with accepting this new ability, “So, I turned it off,” she says. Every now and then after that initial experience at the grocery store, things would pop up and she shares that it always happens the same way. Something strange would get her attention then she would be, “Sucked into the atmosphere of the ‘other’,”

Sharing with those who appreciate it

Candi also shares that she is never afraid but chooses to not dive into it unless she feels overwhelmingly inspired. She considers her senses to be a “universal ability” saying it’ something that everyone has but they choose whether or not to use it. “We all choose to be in tune to it or not,” says this featured reader Candi at extension 509. She continues, “Almost everyone I talk to has had at least one childhood experience with a psychic encounter but talked themselves out of it. It’s there for all who desire it.”

Saying she does not really share her ability with those closest to her, rather she uses it when needed and those in her inner circle are supportive, “Because usually they are benefiting from it at the time,” Candi said. “I only share with those who appreciate it.”

Astrology and tarot

Candi (x509) is always working on her abilities because she says, “It builds a strong mind, heart and soul. Focusing on becoming more intuitive helps with self-development, awareness and improvement in all areas of life.” She continues, “This makes me more useful to others and less selfish.”

Among Candi’s psychic abilities, she says that she is first an astrologer. It was her interest in planets and life on planets other than Earth that led to her discovering astrology. She first began experimenting with medical astrology and found it to be extremely helpful in making her aware of how energy affects the flow of our health.

Falling in love with tarot, “Simply because the story of the Fool’s journey unfolds so wonderfully different with each individual,” Candi (x509) says. Through her own observations, she considers it interesting to see how each person has different themes in their lives that brings them back to themselves. “The cards are such awesome tools to confirm what we already know,” adds Candi, “They’re fun!”

Candi’s third psychic love is the pendulum saying, “It’s another tool that I love because it measures your energy, intuitiveness and self-confidence in what you are feeling on a deeper level. When you go with it long enough after a while you don’t need it, you can just feel it.”

Candi is one of our top psychics at 7th Sense. Visit her profile to see if she is available for a reading now. If not, you can click “Follow” on her profile picture to get a text message notification when she comes online.

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