February Love Tarotscope

love tarotscope

February Love Tarotscope

February is the month of love! Whether you’re having a sweet Valentine’s or you are going to enjoy the day on your own, don’t lose sight of your monthly love Tarostcope! Just search your sun sign in the list and get your forecast!

Aries – Page Of Pentacles

It’s probably hard for an Aries to follow the advice provided by The Page Of Pentacles, but this is not a month to run! Think your relationship decisions through before doing anything that is difficult to reverse. The relationships that are beginning may show more long term potential than what you initially thought!

Taurus – Eight Of Cups

The Eight Of Cups suggests that it is time to let go of relationships that are stuck, toxic or unfulfilling regardless of how much you have already invested. Are you feeling guilty for something regarding your relationship? It is time to let go of the past so you can fully focus on the present. Those going through a break-up will start feeling better.

Gemini – The Hanged Man

February can be a bit of a boring month for the Gemini. However, it is a good month to analyze your relationship and to prepare some adventure with your partner. Whether you’re in a relationship or in the hunt, change your strategy and try out something new that makes you excited about love again.

Cancer – Nine Of Wands

The Nine Of Wands speaks of a bit of a rough time this February. You may have to navigate a complicated moment with your partner and it will look like the relationship is taking much of an effort, however, crisis will bring light and help you both resolve issues that were hidden.

Leo – The Moon

The Moon foretells a time where secret relationships are blooming and affairs and short-lived romances can get quite intense during this month. However, not everything that shines is actual gold, so take it easy when it comes to getting too deeply involved in this sort of situations. Work on honesty.

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Virgo – Eight Of Swords

It is possible that you feel trapped in your romantic situations. Those seeking love may feel a little bit frustrated this month and those in relationships are likely to experience external trouble that makes it a bit hard to spend quality time with their loved ones or in their relationships.

Libra – Three Of Swords

There may be some sort of discovery regarding your romantic situation that brings disappointment. However, this pain will be short-lived and will actually clear the path from those things that you no longer needs so you can focus on what truly matters and be a step closer to the love-life you want.

Scorpio – King Of Pentacles

The King Of Pentacles is a very positive card that speaks about stability and security in the emotional area. Relationships will get stronger for the Scorpios. If you have been considering buying a new home, going on a trip or doing something with your partner that involves a large spending, it’s the right time for it!

Sagittarius – Seven Of Pentacles

The single Sagittarius will be thriving this month amongst plenty of options. It is a good time to update your profile on Tinder or Meetic and jump into the dating pool! Those in relationships may experience some doubts, although it is wise to wait until you have a solid idea before making decisions.

Capricorn – Seven Of Swords

Be wary of shady behaviours and trust your instincts this month! If you are suspicious about your new crush’s intentions or about some weird behaviour, pay attention to the red flags. The same applies if you start noticing that Prince Charming is doing things that seem out of character.

Aquarius – The Star

It is a wonderful moment for the Aquarians and they will be particularly attractive and alluring this month, so take advantage of this time to seduce and get to know new romantic prospects. Those in relationships will experience a period of harmony and joy and broken-hearts will begin to heal.

Pisces – Ten Of Pentacles

The Ten Of Pentacles indicates that it is the perfect time to spend more date at home with your partner and do things that help you get closer together in a cozier environment. For new relationships, leave aside the over the top dates and focus on making the time together special and truly memorable.

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