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Feeling Our Mortality


Feeling Our Mortality

In the Sunday Soul Window (energetic life cycle commands from the higher self) series, we are now up to the 5th Soul Window. The beginning of acute Awareness of Mortality. In the previous four installments, we have addressed going from the 1st Soul Window of the Awakening Child to the 4th of Lost Youth. These excerpts are taken from my book Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine.

This particular Soul Window is experienced from the ages of 39 to around 47, give or take a few years. It also includes some of the most intense neutral zones (stagnation) during your soul’s journey.

These years help make preparation and give you a heads up on Chiron Return, which is the biggest and most powerful 6th Soul Window on your journey.

During this particular 5th Soul Window, you start becoming aware of your mortality. Regardless of anyone’s obsession with holding the aging process off with super creams or all the available cosmetic surgery, we know that we are born with an expiration date.

The idea that one day you will leave this life does not really enter into your equation until you hit this Soul Window. You begin to experience the little pull towards feeling older and facing that you are no longer considered part of the youth culture.

If you have based your whole existence on everything outside yourself: career, looks, money or social standing, this is where the realization begins that you are now competing with younger people for your job, dates or attention.

What you used to get with your fresh good looks and vivaciousness you now have to barter with power, control or dropping expectations. It is the first experience of becoming a mam or sir and you don’t like it!

Life in Review

You start getting rumblings that you did not get exactly what you wanted out of life or did and accomplished everything you thought you wanted but have now discovered an empty feeling of, “Is that all there is”?

Other rumblings feel like this: you always wanted a successful career and have accomplished it but never even gave a thought to having or even wanting children. Now you find you cannot take your eyes off newborn babies and kids.

Oh my God, now you realize you really want children and that fabulous career is wonderful but not everything! Other changes will be career dissatisfaction, leaving long time partners and choosing other lifestyles. Anything that you begin to realize you are dissatisfied with or feel you are lacking in life.

No one escapes it, but what you decide to do with this opportunity is of course free will. You can take this pre-sale offer or take a pass and then wait for the inevitable full on ‘shake your life up’, in the next Soul Window.

Gender also brings about different tools you come in with. Generally, the male gender is not designed to spiritually mature as fast as women.

It is always an energetic female issue, meaning men have underlying imprints of the hunter archetype so nurturing oneself does not come as naturally. When a soul decides for a male incarnation or a woman with strong male tendencies, then learning how to nurture and have compassion is usually the agenda.

The female gender comes by nurturing naturally, as spirit is a feminine energy. Of course, there are always exceptions to those basic rules during this Disney adventure.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Every soul’s journey is different with many aspects coming into play such as astrological birth sign influence, genetic imprints, past lives and the ease or difficulty of the challenge you wrote for yourself. This particular 5th Soul Window gives you the opportunity to start getting pro-active about un-loading baggage and building a foundation for the inevitable life changes that are coming.

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