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Feeling Victorious With The Six Of Wands Tarot

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Feeling Victorious With The Six Of Wands Tarot

When the Six of Wands tarot comes up in a reading, it usually indicates there is success coming on some level in an area of your life or several. It could have been unexpected but most likely it is in direct result of the work you put into gaining that victory. Whether it be in relationships, career, health or family, you have done your due diligence and stayed focused on your prize.

The Six of Wands is all about the rewards, success, victory, personal and public recognition of what you have accomplished. Not only have you succeeded in achieving your heart’s goals, you are now enjoying the fruits of your labor or the fabulous unexpected good luck that fell into your life, publicly acknowledged for your efforts and your results. You set your mind to it, you visualized and worked on manifesting what your heart desired and are seeing it now in the real world. The trick is to stay in gratitude to whatever shows up, even if it is not exactly what you envisioned it to be as long as it will make you feel worth, high self-esteem and deserving.

Even when the Six of Wands is pulled in reverse, it still carries the energy of a winning attitude and a feeling of success. What it does point out though, is to caution an attitude of self-importance, arrogance and sometimes egotistical energy. When victory comes with getting that promotion you have wanted for so long, the guy you have been swooning over and he finally asks you out and he is really into you, we can easily fall into an inflated ego. If you take on this attitude, you can be guaranteed, someone will likely want to point out what you just felt so elated about and criticize you in some form, possibly bringing feelings of disappointment in someone or something.

In general, the Six of Wands is usually always about celebration. You are now getting the opportunity to not just wish it was here but it is actually happening and you are getting to enjoy whatever it was that your heart was so set on. You start seeing the actual outcome that you have been hoping and working for.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

With Career, if you are out of work or looking for a new position, this is usually a good omen that you are going to get exactly what you were hoping for and it showing up soon. Having it come quick, sometimes unexpected and better than you expected. If you’re happy where you are and enjoy what you are doing, with change not entering the picture, things are about to get better at work for you such as a pay raise or promotion. You are noticed and valued.

In Love and romance, this is a sign that an appearance of a new love is about to enter your life, maybe even more than one! In a committed relationship, the Six of Wands show that things are going fairly well and also has the possibility to become even more romantic. You may suddenly realize that you are happier and closer to your partner than ever before. This is a very positive omen of more romance in your life for sure.

Where Money is being looked into, it is also a good omen that it is going to get much better for you financially soon. Regardless of what is happening at the moment, things are on the upswing for you financially. It could be a financial plus that you have been diligently working towards or an unexpected windfall, but you can be fairly sure that an increase in finances are on the way, if not already here.

In the matter of Health, if your state of physical wellbeing has been something that you have been worried or concerned about, it shows that the outcome will be positive. You may have been worried over nothing, not being as bad as you thought. If you have been avoiding addressing a health issue, now would be the time to pursue an answer, as the odds are good that it turns out to be minor or really nothing. If you have been dealing with an ongoing health issue, you will begin to see an upswing in getting better.

Spirituality where the Six of Wands shows up is usually an indication that you have made a very deep decision to start enjoying life on a different level. Letting the smaller irritations fall away and looking at the bigger picture and wanting to enjoy life to the fullest, realizing the saying of “don’t sweat the small stuff” really has value and meaning.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

This is a great card to see come up in your reading! Regardless of what your victory is, it will definitely bring a more positive outlook to your life. Allow the Universe to do its thing, and your good luck, love and prosperity will be there regardless.

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