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The fight against mosquito bites ends now – how?

The fight against mosquito bites ends now – how?

The fight against mosquito bites ends now – how?

The question itself makes your skin itch, doesn`t it? Mosquito bites have many more ‘uncomfortable’ after-effects, other than a rash. Some people are allergic to them, not to mention the many diseases they carry. The minuscule mosquito is responsible for millions of deaths each year. Such a small animal, and yet so deadly. Or it might as well be that we can say that in the past tense.

Although the reform products are still in the early stages, it won`t be long (hopefully) to end the misery. Scientists are currently researching a way to make common household items mosquito repellent. A fabric is being tested right now, one that can be put ‘everywhere’ and which will keep the insects away. You might ask and quite rightly so “fabric drenched in repellent is harmful for us, too, isn`t it?”

The bad news is that it is. There is also a good news. We don`t need to be in direct contact with it. The repellent covered fabric can be placed anywhere, from the bottom of your chair to the bottom of your shoes. There is also a soap in the making, one with bearable (and safe) amount of repellent in it. We already spray ourselves to prevent these bites, so why not soap? Or a special set of clothing. Yes, they already created those, too. This ‘miracle’ product even sticks to the wall.

It is only a question of time now and they have to make sure that they create a lasting effect. It seems like everything is well thought-out, from scaring away mosquitos to collecting them. And how will they do that? Well, with little boxes that give out a human-like odour. Wonder what that`s like, but it certainly grabs our little friends` attention. They will be in for a big surprise, that`s for sure, trying to bite into wood…

Is this new invention really the end of the itching and malaria? Is it safe to use? Let`s consult the cards.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Four of Pentacles:
People are used to the way things are right now. They are afraid to take risks, so it will be some time before they can be convinced that this really works. It is a practical solution, but one that needs to be tested.

Two of Wands:
This is definitely the way forward, but still needs a lot of planning. It is a long-term project, rather than something that can be achieved in a few months’ time. However, everyone will have to make their own decision whether to try it out or not.

Five of Wands:
There will be opposition, just like in the case of other ground-breaking projects. The team of scientists will stick together, no matter what.

So, the short answer is: no, it isn`t safe yet, but it has every potential to be.


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