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Financial and career opportunities to explore in April

As I alluded to in my previous post, much of April will begin a great opportunity to not only bring resolution to issues that have plagued you for many months prior regarding relationships but also in the financial sector as well. The kinetics for this opportunity actually began and the very end of March when there were astrological developments that occurred on March 26th that pushed these momentums into April. The alignments that occurred on that Saturday enabled much more clarity regarding finances and career.

Because of the economic stresses that were occurring prior to the ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe, many have been feeling that sense of pensiveness regarding finances and even career options. Because of these pressures, toxic environments have often developed at the workplace whether it is with management, coworkers, or both. These added stresses have also greatly augmented other stress related issues at home and with others.

The push of the full moon

The one thing to always bear in mind here is that others may be going through the same emotional and financial burdens as well. It is imperative that we all use caution here before making any decisions regarding employment and your current financial circumstances. Making a career move must very much be contemplated first and foremost, and the month of April will provide you with that clarity.

April would be the perfect month to explore what new opportunities as far as new employment awaits you should you decide to go that route.

Between the First Quarter Moon on Friday, April 08, 2022, and the Full Moon on, Saturday, April 16, 2022 we get an extra “push” to take control of our finances and decisions relating to career as well. Saturn’s pull will allow us to remain conservative in the choices we make, as Jupiter (the gifting planet) will secure our destiny. Take the time now to also update your resume and reexamine your draft to secure what you are specifically looking for. We are living in unprecedented times now, and we must also take unprecedented measures to impress the employer’s consideration for your employment.

This can easily be accomplished now in this month of April because it will provide the clarity you will need in your job search.

Patience and good work-ethic the key to success

In my career of 40+ years, I have been very fortunate to have led many people to exciting dynamics in financial outcomes and careers, and even though we are in very stressful and unpredictable times, these conditions should not impair your abilities for advancement. The astrological events occurring now will ease the sense of pensiveness you may have been experiencing before regarding career choices.

Should you decide to remain with your current employer until work conditions change for the positive, between April 10th and May 9th, events do have the potential for these changes. Advancement in position and salary has the real opportunity to flourish now as well. Temporary employment could easily become fulltime during this two-month cycle. Patience and a good work ethic will be the key to success as these months fully manifest themselves and work for you.

Despite what choices are considering, know that I will be here for you to guide you through your individual circumstances as all conditions vary.

I encourage you to examine these endless potentials now, before like everything else in life, windows to get things done do have an expiration date. Critical and wise choices now will indeed have an impact on your financial future as we move forward in the weeks and months to come.

Please give me a call, and together we can make this happen!

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