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Finding the Perfect Gift


Finding the Perfect Gift

With the holidays around the corner for many it’s time to buy gifts for their loved ones. Some of those people are a no-brainer on what to get them; however, there’s always that one person that is impossible to figure out what to purchase them. Then there are a few on your shopping list that already have everything.

Free or Low Cost Gifts

Are funds tight for you? Don’t worry, it isn’t necessary to spend tons or any money on presents. Here are some ideas for gifting on a budget:

  • Create them something, whether that’s making a: painting, drawing, beads or wire crafted jewelry, cookies, food, or record a CD/MP3 of your own or other’s music.
  • Give coupon where you will do chores for them, for instance: babysit, cooking, cleaning, laundry, running errands, handyman jobs, yard work, or chauffeuring them to appointments.
  • For your partner, you could do: massages (or something spicier), a hated chore, give control of the remote, put the toilet lid up or down, etc.

Purchasing gifts for the opposite sex isn’t always easy, although if you truly are paying attention or listening to them it becomes easier to find a present. Ask them what they need; for example, one time I asked my mate what he wanted and his response was something I wouldn’t have come up with in a million years – basketball shorts.

Gifts for Women

  • Gentleman, you can’t go wrong with jewelry; nonetheless, be observant of the type of jewelry she wears. You wouldn’t want to buy sterling silver if your woman is always wearing gold and vice a versa.
  • Lingerie, comfy pajamas, or other types of clothing are nice gifts. You can discover her size on her clothing. To avoid insulting her, don’t guess the size as the majority of woman are sensitive about that.
  • Obtain tickets to her (not yours) favorite musician, theater, or other types of event.

Gifts for Men

  • Ladies, does the man in your life like sports? Then buy him one of the following: sporting equipment, clothing from his favorite team, a vintage sports item, or tickets to a game.
  • What types of clothes does he need or like (not what you want him to wear): business, casual, socks, or undergarments? If he adores you in a certain outfit, wear it when you give him his present.
  • Depending on his hobbies or likes you may find a gift in one of the following areas: tech, science fiction, gaming, art, music, books, beer, martial arts, hiking, or whatever floats his boat.

Pamela’s Verdict

When all else fails, a present that the majority of the population love are gift cards, whether that’s online or physical gift card. Here are suggestions for a gift card: a massage, spa day, bookshop, music store, grocery or a specialty food shop, craft store, hardware store, post office, gym, yoga studio, pet store, Amazon, or any other of their favorite stores.

And don’t forget to give the gift that keeps on giving all year round – LOVE!

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