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Florence Henderson “Carol Brady” of the Brady Bunch passes away.

Florence Henderson Brady Bunch

Florence Henderson “Carol Brady” of the Brady Bunch passes away.

Sad news regarding the veteran actress Florence Henderson. Florence, better known as the mother Carol Brady in the long running series the Brady bunch has passed away. Carol the character, was a part of a series that ran through the childhood of many of today’s adults across the world. They brought us hours of laughter with their antics as the family which was made up of a conjunction of three boys and three girls. From separate parents. Florence passed away on November 24th at the age of 82 years old. She was surrounded by family and friends.

As recently as November 21st, Florence was seen in the Audience of Dancing with the stars and she looked amazingly healthy. She was with a friend in the audience and appeared to be enjoying the show. Maureen McCormick who played her eldest daughter Marcia Brady, wrote on her twitter account: “You are in my heart forever Florence.”

I’m sure Maureen’s sentiments are shared by many across the world, as Florence reminds us of a simpler time in our lives. When people are on TV they enter our homes, families and our lives. When they leave, everyone suffers a loss at some level. As a spiritualist, I believe there is a next world and that nobody truly dies. We move to the next level which is a realm of energy and spirit, where the true essence of the person we loved here will exist eternally. Here they remain connected to us until we one day join them.

Thank you, Florence Henderson, for the years of laughter and entertainment, may you rest in peace

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