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Focus on You, Then Your Love Relationship


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Putting you first in relationships

If you asked a woman to spend her last dollar for either a roof over her head or to discover the man of her dreams, more than likely she would choose her dream man. Ask the same question of a man, and I bet you a dollar he discovers another way to meet his perfect women from the comfort of his home. Women are wired to focus on relationships, especially romantic relationships. Although, there are some men who are extremely relationship oriented.

When it comes to psychic readings, the majority of questions a female client will ask their adviser is about their potential, past, or current relationships. Here are some of the most popular questions:

  • Does he like me?
  • Will he ask me out?
  • When is he going to call?
  • Does he like another woman?
  • Is he cheating on me?
  • When will he take the relationship to a higher level?
  • How can I make him into a better communicator?
  • Will he ask me to marry him?

Those are all valid questions; however, not at the expense of who you are.

Stop worrying

This morning when I was sitting on my front porch with my cat, Rhiannon, I pondered what topic to write about for my weekly article. I received a vision of a movie scene with Barbara Streisand from an older film, which I immediately knew what to base the article on, for my Angels have given me the same clairvoyant message in the past while reading for clients. The scene spotlights on Ms. Streisand’s character telling her former crush (something along these lines), “I was so concerned about whether or not you liked me, that I never consider what I thought about you. And you know what? I don’t like you at all.” What a powerful statement!

Ladies, instead of worrying if he likes you, go within to discover if you truly like him or if you are really yearning for his possible potential of what he can give you. Focus on your own life with work, school, and fun, rather than wondering if he will ask you out or call you. Then again, you could always ask him out and/or call him because knowing if he is truly interested is better than not knowing. Sadly, the majority of times you know on a deep gut level if he is attracted to someone else or cheating on you. How about accepting his form of communication, whether it’s giving you gifts, spending time with you, or doing things for you. Stop focusing on the how and when the relationship becomes committed, instead figure out if this relationship is worth spending the time needed to allow it to evolve into a higher level commitment or marriage.

Pamela’s Verdict

Do you want to know a secret? By focusing on your personal growth, spirituality, career, and interests – you have your own life. When you have your own life, feel content with who you are; a potential mate appears in your life or your current love relationship improves. As you evolve, your love life evolves…

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