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Four signs that appeared to me during a period of loss

Many cultures have different beliefs and stories of messages before someone passes. Some cultures say that if you hear three knocks on a door or window to get yourself ready as someone is about to pass.

In Irish culture it’s the banshee, an ancient Celtic soul connected to the fairy folk, who comes to collect souls and guide them home.

Recently, I have experienced a period of loss in my family. Four of my brothers passed within six months of each other. At each loss though, I noticed that a sign of communication occurred. Messages from the beyond, they appeared to be.


While I was tiling the walls of my hallway, I was breaking more of them than I was cutting correctly. I laughed and jokingly spoke out: “Dad, if you were here, you could do this in a flash.”
My Father passed thirty-five years ago. That night I woke at 4am. I wondered what I was doing awake at that hour. Suddenly I heard a thump outside the bedroom door. I went to investigate, only to find that tile on the floor. Still full of adhesive; there was no reason for it to fall.

Again, jokingly I said: “Dad I hope you’re not trying to give me a sign of anything.”

Returning to bed, I was unable to sleep, feeling restless. Then the phone rang. It was my sister, advising me my brother had just passed away.


Just two weeks after the first loss. I was sitting having dinner with my lodger, when the lights flashed on and off three times inexplicably. Laughingly I said, “I hope that’s not another sign.”

I checked with my neighbors, and nothing had happened in their homes. The following day, another brother of mine was found passed away in his home after a massive heart attack. Although the lights didn’t flash on and off in my neighbors’ homes, I later learned that they actually had in my brother’s home.


I had a dream, where I was walking out on the mountains on a beautiful sunny day. I was suddenly joined by my little dog who had passed away years ago at the old age of fifteen. However, now he looked about two years old and walked along side me happy and bouncy.

We entered a café, and there sat my aunt who had passed many years ago. She looked young and happy and was sitting talking to two people with their backs to me. I was so excited to see her, I was just about to call out and I woke up, disappointed. It was then I realized the two people with her were my deceased brothers.

Later that day, a third brother of mine passed away, a victim of motor neuron disease. I was comforted to know that she would be there to meet him as he made the transition.


I was watching YouTube when a video popped up on my feed about people who passed on their birthday.

My oldest brother was already in hospital at this time. He had COPD, a chronic breathing condition for years, and he sadly had contracted COVID too. His birthday was coming up, and it hit me this may be another sign. I click onto the video and watched it just to be sure I wasn’t imagining it.

My brother was 71 on the following Saturday and passed away shortly after at 2am Monday morning.

Death isn’t the end

My only comfort is, that I don’t believe in the word death as nothing further happens. I know they are all united and all in good health now, as nothing in this world can ever harm them again. What would upset them, is our continuous sadness.

Healing from grief is a natural process, and we are eternally connected by the energy of love, and the fact that we shared our life experience on this planet together keeps us connected. Even my little dog, stepped forward in a dream to prove this to me.

My brothers will always be my brothers. We are connected by energy as much are we are connected by flesh in this life. However, when the flesh vanishes, the energy is eternal. Messages are sent through emotions and thoughts, and golden memories of wonderful times in the past.

When you have finished the painful part of the mourning. Start sending your loved ones good emotions and good memories, and keep the connection going.

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