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Friday Interactive Tarot Reading Feb 3rd 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles represents common sense, responsibility, practicality, working hard for what you want and finishing what you start. Among the varied awesome signs and indications of the Knight of Pentacles is wishes being granted and dreams coming into existence. Two aspects of the more successful individual are perseverance as well as their own focused and determined effort. This card may turn up in your daily draw as a warning to take extra precautions to guard yourself, your own health and the health and well-being of those to whom you are closest. The Knight of Pentacles also talks a bit about securing and maintaining solid and firm boundaries. When speaking on a person, the Knight of Pentacles may be referring to an overly sensitive relative or another personal connection in your life. This person is most likely also highly conservative, organized to a fault, excellent with money and helping others succeed. Lastly, they may be a strong animal activist or hypersensitive emotionally and very much an environmentalist. This person is also quite loyal and reliable as well as stable and patient. He is ambitious, hard-working, protective, conservative, honest and rather stubborn. Quite often, this young man may have great difficulties in showing emotion and this is most likely due to him having been raised primarily by a man who also had tremendous difficulty allowing their internal light to shine. The Knight shows he cares by working hard to provide for the people he loves much like the father or male role model in his life did.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Three of Cups

In a daily tarot draw, the Three of Cups is a very positive card that indicates happy times, uplifting and positive energy and good feelings. This card may also be heralding a reunion and/or celebration. It can signify someone from your past coming back into your life. When the Three of Cups appears in your tarot reading, you can look forward to a happy event in your life such as parties, festivals, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers and other similar celebrations. It signifies a group of people coming together with open hearts and minds to celebrate important events. With regard to matters of the heart, and you are single, the Three of Cups may be indicative that someone from your past may reappear in your life in a romantic capacity. It can also indicate that you will have an abundance of potential suitors after a period of solitude or loneliness. If you are in a relationship, it can indicate that you may have a celebration to look forward to, happy times or events. It can also simply be an indication that you and your partner will find yourselves attending lots of weddings or engagements.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Ten of Pentacles, reversed

Sadly, when the Ten of Pentacles turns up reversed in a reading it quite often signals serious family troubles ahead. This is very much the opposite of the lovely and happy family of four depicted on the face of the Ten of Pentacles. When reversed, this card indicates major family struggles ranging from small family squabbles to all out blow ups. It can speak of feeling disconnected from your family, neglecting family, overwhelming family stressors and in some cases, domestic abuse. When it falls in close relation to the death of a relative, it frequently signals a major dispute over the decedent’s will. Of course, with it being a reversed card of Pentacles, there are other negative financial implications such as a strong warning to keep far away from any illegal activities as chances are high you will get caught and the penalty will be quite significant. It also touches on various levels and types of dishonesty. The reversed Ten of Pentacles could be speaking on unstable, insecure situations or building your figurative house on a very rocky foundation. This card may come up shortly before a sudden or unexpected loss as well as negative changes, especially in your finances, business or career. Lastly, this card in reverse may indicate bucking tradition or following a more unconventional path. PLEASE, sweetheart, keep in mind that being forewarned is being forearmed which may very well be why you drew the reversed Ten of Pentacles today. The purpose of any psychic reading and tarot card is to tell you what will most likely happen if no action is taken to alter that outcome. With regard to each of the negative (some VERY negative) aspects of this seemingly all doom and gloom card, see it as a warning so you may, in some way, be able to change what lay ahead or may be currently going on around you, hon. It is very highly possible to turn any of these overly negative situations to your advantage simply by knowing what to look out for.

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