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Friday Interactive Tarot Reading Jan 13th 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Friday the 13th?? Bad luck??? Forget about it!!! Take charge and do not give in to this auspicious day, rather make it a SPECTACULAR DAY!!! Let your light shine, get out there and just have fun all the while getting your business taken care of and just making this a fantastic day for yourself and anyone whom may cross your path.

Tarot Card Draw #1: Nine of Cups, reversed

If you drew the Nine of Cups in reverse for your daily tarot draw, you are in a current state of being unhappy with the way things are turning out in any given area of your life. Doors may seem to be closing in every direction and you just keep hitting stop signs. Your desires are beginning to feel far out of reach, and you are convinced you’ve been hit with a great deal of unfortunate luck. This streak of inconveniences may be an indicator that you are focusing too much on what you want and not enough on how you can be of service to others. If you are in a business partnership, you may not be offering the other party a fair deal. You are presenting yourself as difficult and hard to work with. This may result in you losing out on business deals. Reconsidering your approach and choosing to embrace a more giving energy versus receptive will allow your luck to change, making it possible for you to have more of what you want within a reasonable balance. If this is a love relationship, it will do you some good to be more fair and adhere to the needs of your significant other. This will make your partner want to mimic your actions, in turn fulfilling your desires as well. If you’ve had a substance abuse problem or have been drinking heavily, you should consider slowing down or stopping altogether. Your judgment is clouded when you are under the influence, making it difficult for you to manifest.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Two of Cups

Those of you who chose the Two of Cups for your daily tarot draw are in for quite an exciting time in terms of partnerships. These partnerships can be business related or even romantic. If you are desiring to work with someone to increase revenue, there is a high chance for success. The universe is making it possible for things to work out by bringing you into alignment with perfect matches. If you are single, you may be coming into union with a soulmate. This person will have a significant impact on your life. You will feel as if you’ve found your other half. This will be a time of mastering yourself and wrapping up any shadow work you’ve needed to work on. If you are partnered up, there will be a deep connection and understanding between the two of you. You’ll feel as if you are on the same page for the first time in a while. This is a time where it’ll be quite easy for you to express love towards others, there is a balance between give and take. If you’ve been hesitant to tell your partner something regarding any concerns you may have, this is a great time to have those conversations as the positive energy is on your side. This makes it easier for your person to be receptive towards your words. Make the most of the harmonious energy surrounding you at this time.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Eight of Swords

If you were guided to choose the Eight of Swords for your daily draw, you are stuck in a cycle of negative thought patterns which prevent you from taking action in your life. Staying caught up in our own minds is the fastest way to delay growth. Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed with thoughts of the past and all the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve mess. The only thing in your control as of right now are the things you decide to do moving forward. You may be having a hard time forgiving something that has been done or harsh words that have been said to you. Please remember that forgiveness is not an acceptance of someone’s actions, but a decision to heal for your own sake. Holding bitterness in our hearts will only sabotage the good things in life that try to come our way. If you’re wanting to elevate yourself in career, it is time to stop talking about it and to simply just be about it. Put in for new job opportunities and be okay with stepping out of your comfort zone. If a relationship or friendship has been stressing you out, it may be time to take the necessary steps to remove yourself from the situation. Do not limit your potential by choosing to accept the bare minimum. You are worth so much more. Release any fears or denial you have; these are the very components keeping you bound. Depression has a way of crippling those who only wish to be free and productive. If sorting through the depths of your own thoughts and emotions is too overwhelming for you, it will benefit you to seek outside counsel. For more extreme symptoms, a licensed therapist could be a great help. For milder cases, simply confiding in someone close to you like family or a friend may do the trick.

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