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Friday Interactive Tarot Reading Jan. 14th 2022

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: Six of Swords, reversed

When the Six of Swords reversed appears in your tarot draw, you are in a bad place in your life. You have been struggling with some major issues for quite some time, and they only seem to be getting worse. This card will appear around the time that things go from bad to worse, and you feel as though you have nowhere to turn and no way to salvage the situation. This can also indicate a period of healing that is taking much longer than anticipated, and it is causing you to struggle internally and feel as though you are ready to just throw in the towel. You need to keep pushing through, because there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pay attention to the cards around this one, as they will likely lead you to a more positive outcome after the struggle. In your romantic life, if you are in a relationship, this is likely a very toxic relationship. You and your partner have always struggled with each other and tend to butt heads on a lot of subjects, and you just feel as though there is no way to keep your relationship and be happy. You are likely in the midst of an increase in conflict and there just seems to be no way out. The Six of Swords reversed appears in this situation to warn of impending escalation, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to just let go of the relationship and move forward to find happiness on your own. If you are looking for a relationship, you are likely at a stall in your search for a partner and just seem to be out of options. It is important that you take this time to focus on your own healing and self improvement so that when the opportunity for a fulfilling relationship presents itself, you are able to grab it by the horns and create a successful, fulfilling relationship. In your career, you have been dissatisfied with your job for quite some time and things just do not seem to be improving. Your conflicts in the workplace are escalating, and you are considering a change in career or just generally moving in a different direction. Be careful and ensure that any decision you make is thoroughly vetted and you do not make any major decisions based on pure emotion.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Queen of Swords, reversed

The Queen of Swords reversed in your tarot draw indicates someone who is holding onto the past too tightly, and using it to hold grudges or be critical of themselves rather than learning lessons from their mistakes. This could mean that you or someone around you has been letting past events run their life and continue to have a heavy influence on how they view and treat others. If this is you, it is important that you learn to let things go and move forward. You do not have to forgive and forget the wrongs that others have done to you, but you should instead use the events from the past to develop more informed decisions in the future. If this is someone around you, they are likely using something from the past against you with or without your knowledge, and you need to be cautious in your interactions with others. In your romantic life, if you are in a relationship, the Queen of Swords reversed indicates either you or your partner resemble the person described above. Likely there has been a negative event or situation in the past, either in your relationship or in a previous relationship, and the feelings that stemmed from this are shaping your interactions with each other in a negative way. You and your partner will need to seek counseling together to overcome these issues, or your relationship could fail. If you are looking for a relationship, the Queen of Swords reversed indicates either you will soon meet someone who resembles the above qualities, or that you yourself are allowing too much of the past to shape your interactions with potential partners. Alternatively, this could also indicate that you are just extremely tired of being alone and might make a decision out of desperation. In your career, the Queen of Swords reversed indicates someone in your work place (either you or someone else) who is very overbearing and critical of their coworkers and/or subordinates.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Four of Swords, reversed

The Four of Swords reversed represents a time in which you are feeling very lackluster, demotivated, or otherwise have no desire to complete regular tasks. You have felt very mentally exhausted, and simply do not have the drive to push forward. You might be feeling mentally broken down, or have just exhausted all of your efforts recently and need a break. You might be biting off more than you can chew, letting down your close friends and family with undelivered promises. Be careful to ensure you are not spreading yourself too thin, and focus on only one task at a time. Recharge your mind and your thoughts, and take some extra time to reevaluate your focus so you can proceed. The Four of Swords reversed can also indicate that someone around you is manipulating your mind to work against you, potentially damaging your wellbeing and other relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes those we allow to be the closest to us do not have pure intentions. It is not uncommon for people to manipulate others around them to compensate for something they are lacking. While this is usually intentional, on some occasions the person is not even aware they are manipulating you or causing any harm. Be careful in your interactions with your closest friends and family, and pay close attention to the things they are doing or saying and what effect they have on your life and decision making. The Four of Swords reversed also can indicate that you are unsure of your path in life. You may be jumping around between different careers, or different areas of study or focus in your professional life, and you need to find something solid to grab onto. Maybe you are unsure of where you want to live, what higher education courses you want to take, what career you want to settle into, or any number of decisions. Take some time to truly feel what is in your own mind and heart, ensuring that you are not allowing others to manipulate anything you want for yourself, and go forth with the path you feel is best for your own wellbeing.

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