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Friday Interactive Tarot Reading Jan 20th 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: Queen of Wands

The lovely Queen of Wands turning up in your daily draw or any other tarot spread can be somewhat of a double-edge sword. She speaks of successfully handling multiple tasks at once but at the same time, she warns of taking on too much and possibly becoming overwhelmed. On the upside, this lovely lady speaks of being able to maintain and accomplish several projects or tasks at once while still remaining high in energy and fully capable of taking on even more. The Queen of Wands talks of an outgoing and overly optimistic frame of mind or of a person, usually a woman, who is such. She is always full of energy and constantly on the go. Be it for you or another female about whom you may be asking, this card talks of her accomplishing many tasks. She constantly has many projects in the works and is often full of surprises. Rarely does she need external stimulants to maintain this lifestyle such as medications, prescribed and otherwise, rather her extremely high energy level is all-natural. Some people may find interacting with such a woman to be tiresome and even overwhelming at times. She never knows when to stop. This card often represents a take-charge kind of woman, never one to sit on the sidelines or just simply go along for the ride. She’s all-too-often the one driving the bus. She never sits idly by as life passes her along. Women represented by this lovely queen are usually very well-organized and always going above and beyond to help others. She is efficient and almost always on time complete with bells on. As briefly mentioned above, the Queen of Wands may also turn up in a daily draw or tarot spread warning of creating a chaotic situation for yourself by trying to take on too much. It warns of forgetfulness due to taking on more than you can handle at any given time.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Strength, reversed

Reversed Strength will often turn up in a daily draw bringing your attention to the fact you are *settling* in some way such as not seeking out the job you most desire because you do not feel you are qualified or maybe you do not believe you would be able to learn the skills required to be successful. Maybe you are settling in a romantic relationship because you simply do not believe you could do any better so you will just take what you can get. This card speaks of a tremendous self-doubt and simply not knowing your own worth. Also, a key message behind Strength reversed is that it really is ok to cut toxic people out of your life, even if they are relatives or someone else who believes they somehow have a right to treat you harshly or always make derogatory comments to you and about you. Strength falling reversed for you in a daily draw could also indicate that you very much need to call upon your own inner strength that you may not realize you possess rather than allowing a lack of self-esteem, self-worth, fear or anxiety to hold you back. This is quite often the case in professional pursuits and occasionally when having a strong interest/desire in someone romantically. Stop holding yourself back. As the saying goes, “We miss 100% of the shots we do not take.” Shoot! Take a chance otherwise you will most likely have regrets from now on and you may never find the happiness you so desperately want, need and deserve. Also, learn to find the positive in ANY situation no matter how incredibly dark and negative it may be. No matter the situation. Look beyond the pain, disappointment and heartache. It is always possible to find positive even in death if you think more objectively. The positive is what gets you through while the adversity makes you stronger. Pertaining specifically to love, Strength reversed talks of how a low sense of self-worth or opinion of yourself will lead to a vicious cycle of one terrible relationship after another due to your own poor choices and settling as mentioned above. This lack of self-worth will often lead to people looking for problems in even the best of connections because they simply do not feel worthy of anything good in their lives. Stand up for yourself! Know your worth, professionally and personally, at all times. Never lose sight of who you truly are and do not ever settle. Always be striving for bigger and better in all things. You deserve it!

Tarot Card Draw #3: The Emperor

In a general daily Tarot draw, The Emperor turning up for you can often provide some clarity if you struggle with self-esteem issues as the adult child of a seemingly relentless father figure. Whether the primary male influence in your life during your formative years was your biological father or another “stand-in”, The Emperor may show up to help you have a better understanding of that man and how he affects you in your life now. The Emperor often is indicative of a man with incredibly high, and often unrealistic, expectations of all people, especially his own children and others over whom he has/had influence. He represents a male, either biologically or someone with incredibly strong male tendencies, who has little tolerance for fun and games and is more of a task master. He wields such dominance over others with little room for emotional or thoughtful matters, that he basically sucks all the fun out of life and will even greatly influence how people come to see themselves. Being under such an influence is not in any way to give you any excuses for not believing in yourself or for rarely rising to the challenges of life, rather it is to help you understand better why you have become the way you are and the ammunition (knowledge) to change it. Aside from all of this, The Emperor can also be representative of an older male or female with strong male tendencies who is quite set in their ways leaving little room for negotiation in that regard. This person is quite often excellent in business and financial matters as well as wealthy in material things, but not necessarily in the things that truly matter such as close family, friends or even romantic connections. This person is stoic and very, very rarely bends under pressure. Not always the best person to have in your life, but they are excellent providers. For those of you who may simply be struggling to reach a goal or make something significant happen in your career or finances, The Emperor will turn up to stress the need for better planning and execution of said plans as well as to remain hyper aware of the end goal and to stay focused and regimented in your efforts. A rather lesser indication of this card is impending fatherhood, quite possibly sooner rather than later. In matters of the heart for those who are single and prefer men, The Emperor will pop up foretelling of a romantic connection with an older and/or possibly much more mature man who most likely is not the best at romantic relationships. The flipside of this, singles interested in women need to step up and make themselves and their interest known to the object of their affection because hints and subtilities will not work on your current target. Those in established romantic relationships can look forward to a long-lasting, fully committed connection as well as negative relationship issues beginning to improve.

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