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Friday Tarot Reading Feb 24th 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: Knight of Pentacles, reversed

The image on the Knight of Pentacles often evokes thoughts of success as we see a relatively young figure holding a large coin (pentacle) astride a gorgeous and regal steed. When this card comes up reversed for you as it did today, it indicates the very opposite. If you find yourself seeking answers about the character and possibilities of a potential new love interest and you get this card reversed in your daily draw, it is a warning to run, quickly, far away. Reversed, this card speaks of a person who is generally quite lazy and always taking full credit for the hard work and efforts of others. It can signify one who is given to extreme gambling and always looking to make a quick and easy dollar, usually at the expense of someone else. For a potential love interest, it indicates one of whom you will have to always take care financially and in every other way such as around the home as this person will not lift a finger to cook or wash a single dirty dish or article of clothing. If you are not seeking answers about a potential new love or other individual in your life such as your own child or a deadbeat parent and the Knight of Pentacles turns up reversed for you, it is as though it is holding up a mirror to your own behavior. How have you been acting in your professional life? How do you treat others, especially those who could potentially benefit you in some way? This card urges you to step it up and work hard, making an honest living through honest means and not at the expense of anyone else in any way be it through robbing, cheating or simply taking credit when it is not due you. Work hard. Make your own money. Take care of your own obligations.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Two of Wands, reversed

The Two of Wands may come up reversed for you in a daily draw or tarot reading when you find yourself going through some rather troubling times, possibly brought on by your own poor choices or actions. It can also warn of such times to come in the near future. This card may represent a considerable delay or complete cancelation of a major trip or even relocation to a different country. It speaks of choosing to stay where you are and possibly avoid some negative consequences should you follow through with the plan as it was originally. It could indicate possibly missing out on something quite wonderful depending upon other cards in the spread or other aspects of your life when this card falls for you in a daily draw. The reversed Two of Wands may also indicate a fear of the unknown or of change as well as struggling to make a decision, any decision – big or small, but especially big. It is possible this card could indicate limited options or other restrictions being placed on you by any number of outside sources, possibly you are being held back from accomplishing what you have set out to do or be. This card frequently speaks of impending disappointment. Alternatively, the Two of Wands, reversed, speaks of you playing it safe and living a rather boring and stereotypical lifestyle. Lastly, the reversed Two of Wands may also herald the seemingly sudden and unexpected return of someone from your past.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Eight of Swords, reversed

In the reversed position, the Eight of Swords usually represents release from a prolonged hardship or difficulty. You have been experiencing a hard time with your finances, career, relationship, home, or something else in your life, and you are now going to experience freedom. You could also be regaining control after an abusive situation and are ready to begin healing. However, on rare occasions this card can also signify that the worst is yet to come, and to brace yourself. When you see this card in your tarot draw, you must be careful with your next steps. Prepare for the worst, but also remain positive and optimistic that this could signify the end of your hardships. In your relationship, you likely have an abusive partner or other major issues in your relationship, and you will soon experience freedom. You will be free of the damage, abuse, and hardships you have experienced in your relationship and will be able to move forward. Again, however, you should brace yourself because this could also indicate an increase in the difficulties or abuse. If you are not in a relationship, this card usually indicates that you are finally healed from previous emotional damage and are now ready to move forward and seek a happy, fulfilling relationship. In your career, you may have been experiencing stress over your position, or have been struggling to maintain your career or business. This card indicates you will now be relieved of the pressure you have felt and will now have a more positive and fulfilling experience.

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