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Friday Tarot Reading Mar 10th 2023

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Tarot Card Draw #1: Five of Wands, reversed

Generally, the Five of Wands reversed indicates a prolonged conflict, disagreement, or struggle that is finally coming to an end. You have often felt defeated, hopeless, and exhausted at the struggles you have experienced, and might have even considered giving up your fight. Even though it may have seemed at times that there was no end in sight, you should rest assured that your conflict is finally coming to a peaceful resolution. Sometimes, however, the Five of Wands reversed is indicative of someone who seeks out argument and conflict in places they would not otherwise exist. You should be cautious in your interactions with others, so as to not create unnecessary struggles for yourself or anyone else, and ensure you are not allowing anyone to create conflict for you. In your relationship, you have had a difficult time for quite a while. This could be that you and your partner continuously argue, or that you have had struggles in your home, finances, or some other aspect of your life. These conflicts are finally coming to an end. This end could be a resolution of finances, newfound stability, or even signify the end of a tumultuous relationship. The Five of Wands reversed could also indicate your partner as someone who is constantly arguing or picking fights, and you should be cautious and reevaluate your relationship if you feel as though you have many unnecessary arguments. If you are seeking a relationship, you are finally at a point of healing and able to move forward and seek a fulfilling relationship. In your career, you might have been fighting your way through your work, constantly feeling defeated and as though you are going nowhere. Sometimes we find ourselves in over our heads and quite possibly as a result of our own doing or making such as taking on much more than we can handle. You may have been struggling to find the career path that best suits your needs, or you may have been struggling to establish yourself in your career. Rest assured that your efforts will finally be paying off soon, and you will experience much more satisfaction and stability in your career.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands may turn up for you in a daily draw to bring this to your attention. It may also represent a situation that started off as a good idea but has now become a burden. The Ten of Wands also indicates problems, responsibilities, being overburdened, overloaded and stressed. You may possibly feel as though you have a huge weight on your shoulders or may be feeling obligated, bound and restricted. The Ten of Wands could indicate you are being taken for granted or you may be dealing with some major struggles or challenges. It could be suggesting that you have taken on too much and may be heading for burn out. But on the upside, The Ten of Wands could indicate that the end is within reach. If you just hang in there a little while longer and keep going, you will ultimately achieve success. The Ten of Wands could also signify delays, losing your way, losing your focus and having an uphill struggle. It can indicate that the fun or spontaneity has gone out of your life. Time to change things up.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Ten of Swords, reversed

When the Ten of Swords reversed appears in your daily tarot draw, you may currently be experiencing, or will soon be experiencing, a difficult situation for a profound length of time. This could indicate loss of employment, your home, a strain on your relationships or any number of things that could cause lengthy turmoil. You could experience a strain on your career, in the form of a job loss or a change in position, which is seemingly detrimental to your livelihood. It might entail a significant income loss, or even something that is more taxing on your body or mind. This could in turn put a strain on your family relationships or personal life and cause you to feel as though you are falling into a downward spiral. This could also indicate a major struggle in your romantic relationship, such as infidelity or even just the loss of the connection you previously felt. Your partner might be feeling insecure or planning to end your relationship. Do not misunderstand this card, and in turn attribute it to areas of your life to which it does not apply. Think about what was in the front of your mind when you sought out guidance from your tarot draw. Even if you were initially trying to get guidance on your love life, sometimes that is not necessarily what is weighing on your mind at the moment you began your draw or your search for help and guidance. The tarot cards will work off whatever is on your mind at the moment and guide you through any problems or situations related. Essentially, the cards are drawn to fit your situation, but if you instead incidentally try to relate your situation to the cards, you could be misguided and end up creating problems that otherwise would not have existed. For example, if you were focused more on your job or home when you selected your daily draw, do not accidentally attribute the reversed Ten of Swords to a possible negative situation in your romantic life instead or you could actually be causing problems that were not present. I implore you to not allow ANY of the potential negative situations, turbulence or any other ugliness written of here in reference to the Ten of Swords reversed. It is vitally important to always remember to push forward through any conflict, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It might be difficult to see sometimes, but it is there, and you must keep pushing through to reach a more desirable situation. Whatever extreme adversity you may now, or soon will, be facing will only be temporary. Granted it may last a while and there may possibly be significant loss, but it is through these harsh situations that we are to learn and grow as individuals, professionals, partners, whatever or whomever you consider yourself to be. Look at this loss as a clean slate upon which to reinvent yourself and come out the other end of the dark tunnel stronger and better!

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