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Friends With Benefits? Absolutely…says Ashton and Mila!

Ashton and Mila

Friends With Benefits? Absolutely…says Ashton and Mila!

In the best case of life imitating art, Mila Kunis has opened up about the casual nature of her relationship with Ashton Kutcher after both were involved in serious relationships with their respective former partners Macaulay Culkin and Demi Moore. Mila and Ashton realized after three months together, their relationship was becoming more serious and although neither expressed a desire to marry each other, talks of commitment soon followed.  The couple has  a one-year-old daughter and is now expecting their second child. Casual encounters rarely become long-term and this is a definite exception to the rule.  Don’t try this at home!

Véronique’s Verdict

Ashton and Mila drew the King of Swords, the Wheel of Fortune and the Temperance Card. I feel that the relationship for this savvy couple is for keeps. They had a shared history before they got together both experiencing controversial relationships. The King of Swords shows the grown up manner in which they intellectualized the physical intimacy. A friends with benefits relationship would not be expected to go the distance, the opposite generally being the case with one of the participants going on to develop love feelings.  Here, they both developed love feelings! The Wheel of Fortune has a fated element to it, yes they worked with what they had and then made a conscious decision to take it that step further and took a risk with their hearts which has worked. The Temperance card shows the ingredients blended perfectly for the best permanent outcome. They have evolved within this relationship working with practical considerations and are now working with the natural law of harmony. Long may they thrive!

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