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Why are friends worried about Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy Fallon

Why are friends worried about Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy Fallon is a man who has already proven to the world that he has many gifts. He is a presenter, an actor and songwriter. A very gifted person by all accounts, but his friends are worried that he is drinking too much. Unfortunately, with drink, the person drinking is normally the last one to suffer the effects of the drink. With the result, most of their friends and acquaintances start to give them a lot of space and even avoid them. There are no easy answers and quite often it takes a near tragedy before the victim of the drink realises the drink is winning.

Jimmy, the world needs people like you. You have already shared a lot and given others entertainment and memories. Now allow them to give something back. The trap that drink sets is very supple. It makes you think that everyone else is jealous of your persona when drinking. It offers you an escape from the reality of life. It promises fun and happiness, but these are all false promises. While you are not looking, it is stealing everything from you. Your life needs to be reclaimed. Reach out and the help will be there. You can be amazing and feel amazing without the drink.

Let me throw some cards for you and see if it sheds some light on your path.

The Four of Cups
This is the card of balanced love. You are surrounded by love, but like most of us, we don’t realise it until it is gone. The problem with where you are, it’s that no matter how stable the love around you. You have the ability to build a wall of steel around yourself to protect yourself from help. It’s time to start lowering the defences. Allow yourself to be helped, but ultimately it will be you that helps you.

The Hermit card
This card shows a withdrawal from the norm. With drink, this is a very common card. It is far easier to just withdraw from society than to stand and face the demon that drink can become, but standing and facing it is something you must do. Retiring back into your own world where you set the rules and no one else matters, is not the way to live a life.

The King of Cups
This is the card that represents who you are in the eyes of many people. He is a Man who is loved and respected. He cares for those he loves but refuses to receive that care back from them in the same way. I know the father in you believes this is his role and to show weakness would compromise this. You need to let your guard down.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

The drink is an evil friend, who manipulates you into thinking you don’t need anyone or anything. Then one day you realise, you have no one and nothing. It is not too late to turn this around and the king of cups shows that you care enough for your family to do this. These cards tell me the help is there. If you take it and it’s all depending on your choice. You will be free from the demon drink and live a full life. If you don’t you stand to lose everything. Reach out Jimmy. It’s not too late. Later you can use this experience to help others. Look at this as a learning curve.
We wish you all the best with your recovery.

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