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Full Moon Release Ritual

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Full Moon Release Ritual

I love the full moon and everything associated with it, the beauty of it, the craziness it brings out in people and the opportunity to release issues and obsessions you want to be free of. The other fixation I have about the full moon is the many celebration rituals that express the joy of the elemental energy it brings.

The full moon is the completion of a cycle and symbolizes an end chapter of what began from the month before. The release rituals are a time of purging the things in our lives that no longer serve us such as addictions, bitterness, anger, fear and suffering from hurtful relationships or discharging physical and emotional pains with the power of the written and spoken word.

Just like the new moon draws in energy, the full moon releases it. I have attended many full moon ceremonies and found them to be to be inspiring, enlightening and most of all, a formidable power of “letting go” what no longer serves you or you don’t want in your life any longer. Some I saw immediate results, some I had to put in a little effort and some I had to work long and hard before finally being able to release whatever I was working on. Below are a few easy but powerful releasing rituals.

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1. The Burning Bowl

This is my favorite ritual as I love fire and there is something very powerful in watching all your shit go up in smoke. Lol! This one is best done outside under the moonlight, unless you want your fire alarms going off. Write down everything you wish to be free of in your life. Doesn’t make any difference if it is an emotion, a bad habit, an addiction, a feeling or a person. Look upward to the moon, thanking the universe for being free of what you have written on the paper as though it has already happened, read them aloud, tear the paper in pieces and then throw the paper in a bowl or pan and set that sucker on fire! As you are watching it burn, give thanks to all the wonderful things that will be brought into your life or in your life now, making new room by releasing what you no longer desire. Then of course, either let it burn out completely to ashes or use water to put it out.

2. Speak With The Full Moon

No, I am not kidding nor making light of the power of the spoken word with the moon! If you take the viewpoint that everything in the universe is part of you, supportive of you and helping to fulfill your journey in one form or another, you will know the moon is listening and will respond. No prayers ever go unanswered nor do any intentions sent out to the universe get ignored. When the moon is at its highest, light a white candle and start a heart-to-heart conversation with that beautiful moonlight about your life and how you would like it to energetically bathe you and cleanse you. Once again, read your list out loud. If you decide you want to call the moon Sam, just for the sake of feeling you are really having a conversation with someone, trust me, the moon doesn’t mind at all.

3. The Water Ritual

Fill a big beautiful bowl with water and scent it with your favorite smell of rose, lavender, sage, etc. Once again, write your list, speaking aloud what you desire to be cleansed of but this time, soak the papers in the scented water and leave them overnight with a cover. In the morning, throw the contents down the commode or if you have somewhere outside to throw it, that will work too.

4. Bury A Crystal

This ritual is if you only have one major issue you would like to be free of. With a permanent black marker, take a crystal or stone and write in one or two very small words what you wish to be free of. Looking up in thankfulness to the moon’s energy, speak your intentions out loud, then pick a spot to bury the stone. Thanking the moon, the earth and the powers that be for cleansing and releasing you. Be sure to also add what you are in gratitude of.

Susan Z’s Verdict

To say there is something magical about the moon to anyone who understands its power is a definite understatement. Even with your sleep patterns being interrupted on full moon nights, it is still an amazing energy and one that should be taken advantage of. The magnetic pull from the moon to earth, when it is the closest, escalates whatever emotions you are going through 100xs. That is why police stations always gear up on full moons because the negative emotions carried by those who are looking for trouble usually find it on a full moon night.

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