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Future King of England, Prince William opens up about his loss.

Future King of England, Prince William open up about his loss.

Future King of England, Prince William opens up about his loss.

Prince William spoke about the experience of losing his mother Princess Diana whilst visiting a Child Bereavement Centre in London. The centre provides support for children and families who have experiencing the loss of a loved one.

The Prince, along with his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge supported families who had suffered bereavement. Offering comfort to a 9-year-old girl who lost her father to pancreatic cancer, the prince shared his personal experience of losing his mother in 1997. He said to the youngster, ‘You know I lost my mummy when I was very young too. I was 15 and my brother was 12. So we lost our mummy when we were young as well. Do you speak about your daddy? It’s very important to talk about it, very, very important.’ Also during the visit Prince William revealed to a young boy that he was very angry when his mother died and emphasized the importance of talking and expressing feelings.

The charity’s founding patron, Julia Samuel, close friend of the late Princess Diana, and godparent to Prince George expressed pride in the royal couple who naturally showed empathy and understanding to the families, she said that it was touching to see people realize how ‘normal’ the royal couple are.

William and Kate were involved in also helped the children make ‘memory jars’ for loved ones they had lost.



Véronique’s Verdict

Losing a loved one forces us into uncertainty and putting new structures in place can feel frustrating as we consider how we will deal with the loss. Seeking support from someone who does not have a need to fix things is a good place to start.

The cards drawn today were the Wheel of Fortune, the Two of Wands and the Strength card.

The Wheel of Fortune does have a fated element. We try to make sense of something that we will never be able to understand. This card represents the cyclical and seamless nature of life. The spirit is eternal with no beginning and no end.

The Two of Wands asks that we continue to move forward and plan our lives without the preconceived notions of how life should be. This card shows the future as a place for renewal and growth.

The Strength card is the eighth card in the major arcana, 8 is the sign of infinity and crowns the highest energy centre in the physical body. This card says that If we are able to conquer our natural fears in a healthy manner then may make an ally of our instinctual nature.

Grief counselors and therapists tell us that there are a number of steps that we go through following the loss of a loved one, acceptance being the final step. Whether death is sudden or expected, coping with the loss is a profoundly personal experience. No one can say which step we will go though at a given time but reaching out to someone who can be there to offer comfort in the most appropriate manner is probably the best thing we can allow ourselves.


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