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Gal Gadot ’s wonderful news…

Gal Gadot ’s wonderful news…

Gal Gadot ’s wonderful news…

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has this week announced she is in a bit of a spin. On November 6th, she announced via Instagram that she is pregnant for the second time. She is already a Mother to five- year-old daughter Alma, so this time around she should be feeling a lot more confident. As any parent will tell you, baby number two and baby number one are normally quite different. It would appear nature designs them this way to prevent conflict in the nest, but it also adds to the beauty of the family when there is a mix of characters within.

Our Message to Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano: Congratulations Gal and Yaron. This is wonderful news and I’m sure you are both very excited. Also, little Alma is now old enough to look forward to the occasion with you. It will take a year or two but she will have a new little playmate and a companion for the rest of her life. I’m not going to do a reading around the pregnancy as we do get asked this a lot on the Psychic line, but we feel such a reading would be unethical, as only a Doctor should give advice on pregnancies. While you are waiting for your new arrival, life will be ticking away as normal. So, let’s fill in the time by having a look at the other things presenting themselves in your world.

Well, you drew a lot of love in the cards, as all three cards were cups, and cups are emotions and love.

The Ten of Cups.
this is the card of the family and the emotions that run through it. It would appear to be heightened as you prepare for your new addition. Even outside of this, Gal and Yaron, you both appear to be at great peace together. There appears to be a recognition of two souls here, almost of a past life connection. This is what makes things work so well for you both and it is your strength.

The Seven of Cups.
It has not skipped your attention how love has smiled on you all. It also shows how you can both become passionate about anything that you take on board. This means that you finish things off perfectly. Loose ends can be very irritating for people like you, and this always shows in the result. This is a very good trait to have in the business world but even better when you are running a family.

The Four of Cups.
The Card of emotional balance. It would appear to show someone who is very level headed about things but feels deeply. It’s this kind of passion that helps you to stay strong when others would melt, and the two of you appear to offer each other the support that this card signifies. Four is the number of the legs on a chair or table and the number of legs in a couple, together you will always be strong.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Well, of course, this year is going to be one filled with anticipation. The emotional side of your life has just gone into overdrive but I did say I wasn’t going to read on the pregnancy. 2017 appears to be a wonderfully happy year across your life. The April to May of this year appears to be the busiest time. Even though you may try to stick to professional things, you may find you are a bit preoccupied. Well, this is only to be expected, so you may as well just accept that this is how it will be. All we can now do is wish you both every happiness on your emotional journey.

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