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What have George Clooney and Amal been up to recently?


What have George Clooney and Amal been up to recently?

Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney broke many women’s hearts across the globe. He did so by marrying his stunning bride Amal Alamuddin in 2014.  Up to that point, every woman felt she was in with a chance. But I’m sure that they now wish the happy couple nothing but the best. And I’m sure they are keen that their marriage and their future together is a happy one. Amal is a stunning British-Lebanese lady who has proved she is a quite capable of looking after herself. But she appears to have stolen the heart of the man who many women desire.

Last week they were spotted out and about in Malibu with actress Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. The four appeared to be enjoying a laid-back night on the town. Two years into the marriage some would say it’s still the honeymoon period, but there is an old saying that when you meet someone you need to summer and winter only then will you truly know them. You must go through the first of everything. Birthdays celebrations, good days and bad days. Yes, we all have bad days. Well, it looks like they have done this twice over since the wedding. So, it’s looking very good for this happy couple.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about this famous couple? As there is a couple involved here, I took the liberty off throwing 6 cards to the table. This is instead of my normal 3 for no other reason than I felt compelled to do so. They opened with the World Card. A time for new beginnings followed by the Fool Card which is the card of taking chances. I suppose marriage is a chance. An investment in someone to the point that you give them your all. Followed by the Page Card and the 8 of Wands Card which indicates work, study, and energy.

Both are busy professionals in their own right. And for now, this will be taking a lot of their time. But they appear to have a good balance around this work home thing. The Queen of Cups, now this is normally the mother card. I feel if they have planned a family it’s their own business. But my feeling around this card and the next one which is the Ten of Cups, makes this a strong possibility. The Ten of Cups is the home maker. Let’s watch this space. But the decision is theirs. The cards offer options.

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