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Will I Get Back Together With My Ex?

get back together with ex

Will I Get Back Together With My Ex?

One of the most popular questions a psychic will be asked by their clients is whether or not they will get back together with their ex-partner. In general it is women who want to know this answer, although men also desire this knowledge. My spirit guides often respond to their question with another question. “Do you truly want him/her back?” Many times my client will haughtily reply, “Of course I do! I love him so much.” But, do you really?

Years ago, my psychic friend and I were talking about this subject, when she spoke these words of wisdom – an ex is an ex for a reason. There wouldn’t be a breakup if the relationship was going smoothly; therefore, a problem or many problems existed in this former partnership. How easy it is to point your index finger at them as being the bearer of all the problems; however, it takes two to tango.

Instead of wondering when you will become a couple again; focus on yourself by going within to observe what your part was in this relationship.

One way you can analyze your side of the street (instead of your ex’s side) is to ponder on these six questions.

  1. Were there any red flags when you two met that you ignored?
  2. Do you want her/him back because you’re lonely?
  3. Could you accept your ex-mate as he/she is or where you trying to change them into who you wanted him/her to be?
  4. Where did you spend the majority of your time together: in bed, having conversations, or out at the bars and nightclubs?
  5. Did you accept unacceptable behavior?
  6. How was your behavior in this relationship?

These questions when answered honestly will bring forth the true reality of your partnership, for better or worse.

The Psychic Answer

Okay, so maybe you’re really annoyed at me for wanting you to do all this work, when you just want to get back together with him? Just give me the psychic answer! Let’s say the psychic does see you getting back together, happy dance! Well, maybe? Sometimes, a couple will get back together because it’s comfortable and familiar; nonetheless, the reason for the breakup still exists. Your relationship will not grow; consequently, it will either become stagnant or the two of you doing the same dysfunctional dance over and over.

Let’s go back to the original question of asking a psychic if we’re getting back together. During your psychic reading, please listen to the valuable messages the psychic is giving that will either enhance your love relationship or spare you the agony by reigniting with your ex-partner. These messages could be: he doesn’t want a committed relationship, she’s in love with someone else, he’s cheating on you, enjoy the relationship and stop pushing for marriage, or both of you need to work on communication as there is much love for each other in this relationship.

Regardless of whether the answer is yes or no for you being back together with your ex, do your best to learn the lessons of this relationship in order for you to grow.

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