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Get Brave and Start Changing Your Self-Image


Get Brave and Start Changing Your Self-Image

We all have things we like about ourselves, love about ourselves and also those things that we would like to change. Whether it be on the physical level, a bad temper, sometimes stretching the truth a little or a good case of procrastination, only you have the power to start making those small but powerful starts to change the areas of who you are, to what you would like it to be.

As always, it starts with the way you think about yourself. Before you can change how you would like people to see you in a better light, you have to accept your own self-image as it is in this now moment by changing your internal language. For instance, if you have a program in your mind when faced with an obstacle that will take you to a new level, your first thought is “There is no way I can do this!” Catch yourself when you find your thought process to be a negative one about what you can and can’t do. It is in the doing and trying…….and failing…. that we learn the strong stuff we are made of. It is what the ego is afraid of, change and to continue a thought form of yourself given to you by others.

When those negative “can’t do” thoughts come up facing a situation that you have not acted on before, tell your ego to “SHUT UP!” and take those small baby steps that will convince you, “I’ve got this!” Your actions will then follow the same course as your thoughts. That is where the baby steps come in. Changing even one small habit you would like to live without for a day, then two days, then three days, can be the energetic change your body is waiting to feel. That feeling of victory over something that may control you and you wish it didn’t is daunting to say the least. Making changes in our behavior and thoughts can be relearned with repetitive conditioning.

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You already hold the power to make those small changes that may just start the movement of changing some big behavioral habits and negative thinking that will have a domino effect in your life. What is also pretty cool about taking those baby steps is that by example, you not only change the energy of the future to be something different than it is now but it will also change the energy of the past. Your family energetic imprints will all benefit from your changes, since we are all linked as One.

Your self-image is a combination of both your energetic vibrations and your physical form. It tells the world of who you are, what you think of yourself, and how you expect to be treated. If your self-image is not in alignment with your true spirit, your vibration will feel out of balanced, tired and low. My grandmother used to tell me when I was a teenager, (and of course I thought she was nuts) to never date a boy or man that had unkempt shoes for it was an indicator of their self -esteem. Many things have changed since the grunge movement became popular but the point was not lost. If the face you show to the world is not how you would like it to be, then take those baby steps to start changing them.

The reason baby steps to change work so well is they do not overwhelm the inner child (your 4 year old emotional needy self) and the ego considers it not that big of consequence, so will not try and sabotage your best efforts. If you want to change your self-image, start with something small like making a commitment to eliminate the phrase “I can’t” from your vocabulary. If you find yourself thinking it or saying it, stop yourself and replace it with a positive statement: “I may not have it figured right this moment but I KNOW I will.” Something as easy as that. Stay true to yourself. Making changes to your image is not the same as acting like someone you’re not. Be yourself and listen to your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, even if you want it to be part of your new image.

Susan Z’s Verdict

We would all like to think that changing life long habits or thought patterns could be as easy as listening to an affirmation track for a night and BOOM, you wake up different. But that listening may go on for weeks, even months when all of a sudden, something clicks and the old you is left behind with the issue you did not want anymore and the new you is looking at the world through different eyes. Baby steps, persistence and the desire to re-build a life of your choosing, not someone else’s…..that is what it takes to make a difference.

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  1. Men that keep their shoes, closet, garage way too clean are control freaks and not gentlemaly husbands. They may take care of “things” but they don’t take care of their wives or kids emotionally. Trust me, I’ve been married to one for 28 years ??? they are basically assholes!

    1. The best man in my life, who has done more for me than anyone, cares very little for how his shoes or clothing appear to anyone else. He cares way more about his abilities and actions than appearances. And I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t respect him or thinks less of him because his shoes are ratty. Appearances are all my abusive ex cared about.