They Now Have A Ghost Repellent Machine For Your Home!


They Now Have A Ghost Repellent Machine For Your Home!

Ok! I am seriously writing this article about a ghost repellent machine because it reminds me of when kids truly believed that if you put a colander on your head with some tin foil, you could talk to ghosts or aliens. This particular product definitely falls into that category of need and supply. If you have ghosts, poltergeists, demons or other paranormal entities causing you disruptions in your home, it would make perfect sense that someone would invent an amazing machine to do away with them. Kind of a “do it yourself” exorcism! And of course, since no one has ever actually been able to prove what a paranormal entity really is and what they are doing here, it would leave the field wide open to an invention that is also hard to explain how it might work but of course, it just does! Lol!

There’s no shortage of fascinating ghost hunting technology on the market today. Whether you’re looking to see invisible spirits, hear their voices, or even communicate with them, there’s a good chance that some mad scientist out there has a gadget that claims to do just that. But for those who are interested in banishing them, they’re usually stuck doing things the old-fashioned way with a “certified” ghost hunter, priest, holy water or sage. Well, it seems the days of relying on a biological exorcist are over. A new device claims it will blast the phantoms from your home with “Wave Killer” technology.

The Thai company Super Boondee has released a brand-new version of the Trisaksri Ghost Repellent, a device with a design straight out of Ghostbusters, which the company claims will rid your residence of unwanted spirits thanks to its specially-designed circuitry. So how does it work? Well, when you’re ready to clear your home of negative entities, you simply flip the switch on the Ghost Repellent box, which activates a low-level electromagnetic field, condenser microphone and infrared camera that work in unison to detect paranormal activity. Super Boondee calls this the “phenomenon receptor”. When the machine detects an anomaly, it automatically fires off a “Wave Killer” radio blast that they claim is enough to force the nasty phantom to abandon its chosen haunt. Much like those sonic-rodent repellents, the box will simply continue to drive off ghosts no matter how many times they attempt to return. Those are some pretty big promises founded on a lot of double talk but hey, if you got a paranormal problem at home (not counting the kids, folks!) and a good cash flow, $1500 will get rid of your problem. No actual proof that it works as of yet, but you have to admit when it comes to the paranormal, anything is impossible! Lol!

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Who’s to say? Maybe this company really has found a way to keep your home ghost free but the proof will be less screaming in the house, doors banging, mirrors fallings and mysterious scratches going away. Right? The company has not posted any happy customer testimonies on their site.

Seven of Cups: Inverted (Upside Down)

Lots of choices to be made about a life situation. Pulled inverted, I believe this card represents all the so called technical and energetic bells and whistles thought up to make this machine or actually get it to work.

High Priestess:

Woman who is self-sufficient but also may feel isolated and alone in her life journey. This card might represent the woman behind this project and accepting that most will not be believers.

Two of Pentacles:

Career fluctuations, sometimes up, sometimes down. I think this is a good card pull defining this line of work.

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