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Ghostbusters star targeted by hackers again. What next for Leslie Jones?

Ghostbusters Leslie Jones Hack

Ghostbusters star targeted by hackers again. What next for Leslie Jones?

I’m horrified to hear of the level of abuse Actress Leslie Jones has received since her starring role in Ghostbusters was released. She was previously attacked on twitter and was personally very hurt and disturbed by the vile messages being posted against her. Now they have gone one step further and attacked her website. The hackers have posted nude pictures and her private pictures including her driver’s licence and passport. They also posted a video of Harambe the gorilla, who was killed at Cincinnati Zoo.

The hackers are thought to have gained access to her private world via information stored in her ICloud via her IPhone. Leslie Jones did nothing only provide entertainment to the world in the most inoffensive way possible. Why then would anyone have any issues with her only to cover their own insecurities and shortcomings. My heart goes out to Leslie today. I remember from the tweeting incident how hurt she was, so I can only imagine how this must be affecting her.  Every Artist that ever existed had people who either liked or disliked what they did. The problem today is the electronic door that brings it right to their face. Some people hide behind keyboards excerpting power they would not be strong enough to excerpt in real life.

If you have to remember anything Leslie, it is that there are far more people out here that love you. Actually a lot more people who love you than those who don’t. The haters are outnumbered. Try to concentrate on the positive vibes that are being sent your way Leslie.

Master psychic Vincent’s Verdict

What do the cards say for Leslie Jones? The Three of Cups indicates the love that surrounds Leslie and there is no shortage of the strong support given from all around her. It is stronger and will last longer than the evil minds that think this is just a bit of fun. The Six of Swords shows those who are causing this. They are isolated in their own world and live in a world of regret, jealousy and hatred for those they perceive to be better than them. People who succeed where they fail are fair game for their anger, but what they fail to see is that all we send out will come back 3 fold. Karma is on their tail. The Knight of Cups shows someone close to home who will be her saviour. This person has the ability to put a smile on her face when the world seems out of step. This is where Leslie needs to focus her attention. Always bath in the light Leslie and leave the miserable ones in your shadow.

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