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Ghosts: The What and the Why


Halloween Series: Why Do Ghosts Exist And Why Do They Haunt Us?

Everyone loves a good ghost story and there are few that have not experienced some kind of eerie or unusual circumstance connected to a house, a deceased loved one or an object. The death theory is that we are supposed to leave this physical body and go into the light and onto somewhere else but what about that “in-between” place where a soul is not in a living body but yet still takes up space and energy in some form.

So how does that happen and why? Why would a living person who no longer has a body and a life to fulfill decide not to go on? Especially when people who have had near death experiences say all their loved ones are waiting for them and it is so wonderful?

The What

Maybe the first questions to ask is what exactly is a ghost and why do ghosts haunt us? Are they trapped in a plain of existence or do they choose to be here? There can be a lot of answers to those questions and it really depends on the ghost and the situation. In simple terms, a ghost is someone who has died and has returned to the living plane.

Each ghost has its own reasons for staying in the living realm or coming back to it. The theory is that in order for a ghost to haunt they had to have died violently, with great fear or with a lot of hate, or another strong emotion. It’s believed that the strong emotion is what binds the ghost and doesn’t allow it to move on even if it wants to leave. This is not entirely true.

Although a strong emotion can be a reason for a haunting, as well as imprinting on a place, it isn’t the only answer to why do ghosts exist and haunt.

Ghosts are described as the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal which is said to appear to the living. The idea of ghosts has been around for as long as we’ve been passing stories around a fire. The belief in the existence of an afterlife dates back to pre-literate cultures.

Until fairly recently, the overwhelming consensus was that ghosts were the spirits of the dead who’ve been refused entry to the afterlife and instead are forced to walk the Earth for eternity. This archaic credence requires that you not only believe in ghosts, but also an afterlife and some sort of heaven/hell.

Here are some accepted reasons why those souls do not cross over when they first leave the body:

1. They are attached to things such as jewelry, cars, houses, furniture, or places where they lived found comfort, or died.
2. They are meddlers who don’t want to leave.
3. They are seeking revenge or pursuing justice.
4. They fear judgment or punishment on the other side.
5. They want to protect the living.

The Why

So why do ghosts feel the need to haunt us? Ghosts aren’t able to communicate through traditional means to make the living aware of their unfinished business. The best you’ll get from a ghost is one knock for “yes” and two for “no.” So, they’re often forced to draw the attention of the living by more aggressive or physical means. Assuming ghosts do exist, it’s easy to understand why spirits might get so frustrated and resort to banging, throwing objects and other classic paranormal activity.

A ghost trapped on Earth will witness the living 24/7. The spirit will see the people they knew in life growing older and getting on with their life without them, they are certain to feel left out and helpless. It wouldn’t take long for a spirit to get resentful, jealous, or angry and this negative energy would drive the ghost to try to make the living aware of its unfinished business in a more aggressive manner.

Why ghosts actually exist can be answered with endless explanations as each ghost and haunting is unique. So, the cause of a haunting can be something very simple, or extremely complicated, depending on the ghost. Many people fear ghosts and therefore judge they shouldn’t be allowed among the living. They had their time and they should move on to that special place and stay there.

People fear what they don’t understand. It scares us to think that something could break through that death barrier. If they can do that, what else are they capable of? It is the fear of not knowing what ghosts are actually capable of doing in the living world is why we fear those ghostly visitations and at the same time captivated by them. Most visitations are friendly or neutral, sometimes even helpful and in that case, you have no cause to be afraid at all.

Usually if you can find out the specific reason why the ghost or ghosts are in the situation they and you are in, you may find you can come to a good resolution for everyone involved.

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  1. can ghost move with you when you move. and I want to know why do I keep on having dreams about my old house and me living in it again. and why I keep on having dreams about my grandparents and did my grandparents and aunts die with any pain and are my aunts and grandparents still around and my cat toby why did he have to die how did my aunt Jacquie die and my cat toby die do they haunt me and my parents? and my moms pjs and Halloween costume can they be found did a ghost take them if so why

  2. Spirits or so real. The Light and the dark.
    Ghost are not real only within who r not close to God and give the enemy the power. Vision are real thats the light a spirit. The spirit can show u darkness, warnings..