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What had Gigi Hadid scared in Milan?

Gigi Hadid

What had Gigi Hadid scared in Milan?

Model and TV personality Gigi Hadid got a bad scare in Milan last week when a crazed fan grabbed her from behind. Her security team managed to get her to safety. But not before she was left very shaken by the experience. It would appear the bodyguards were only hired for the fashion show and thought the guy was a friend. It does sound like they failed to do their job. But she decided to cut them some slack and not have any of them fired.

Now that is a sign of a good person in my books. While in one hand, they put her at great risk. On the other hand, she realised they are only human and can make mistakes. All too often we can forget that people acting in a professional field, are also vulnerable human beings. No matter how well trained they are, they are not machines. It says an awful lot about the character of Gigi Hadid, that she saw this. And rather than striking out in anger looking for revenge, she understood and forgave them for being human.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

I put some cards out for you Gigi Hadid, to see what they say is out there for you.

The Queen of Cups. The Queen is always someone with a motherly approach to those around her. The nurturer who feels deeply. This card represents your energy field Gigi, the very core of your being. This was demonstrated clearly by your reaction to the attack. Although frightened and with good reason. You turned your heart light on for the plight of others.


The Seven of Cups. You could say this is the Karma card Gigi. It shows good fortune around your life based mainly on what you have demonstrated around this incident. You have shown people your soul. And it is a good and kind one. Do not confuse kind with being unprofessional. The incident was one that warranted attention. But you managed the situation with grace. This will come back to you in time.


The Hierophant is the educator. The professor, the student. Everything combined within one person. This is you, Gigi. You are still learning, and yet teaching as you go through life. You are setting an example for those who follow. Both your own children (in time) and other people’s children. Your lesson in caring above fear was a powerful one. One which could serve the world well in these troubled times. We wish you every happiness for your future, from all here at 7th Sense Psychics.


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