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What did Gisele Bündchen do with the trick or treats?

Gisele Bündchen

What did Gisele Bündchen do with the trick or treats?

Gisele Bündchen this week revealed that she gave away her kid’s trick or treat candy. Now before you start attacking her for destroying their Halloween, she may be on the right path. She disclosed that she doesn’t keep that kind of sugar in her house but did allow the kids to taste one each. Neither of them liked the taste, so perhaps she has saved them from more than just fillings. Halloween is an ancient Irish tradition and traditionally it was fruit and nuts which were handed out, even up to the recent 1980s. Unfortunately, the processed sugar industry decided to cash in and the healthy side of the celebration vanished into obesity.

Gisele, I’m one hundred percent behind your decision. We know now in this day and age just how addictive and dangerous processed sugar is. We learn our eating habits young. While doing the Halloween party this year I insisted that each child takes some fruit along with the candy. I was surprised at how excited the kids got at the sight of an apple or orange falling into the bag. Perhaps we are at a turning junction Gisele and it’s parents like you that will lead the way into a healthier generation to come.

Let’s throw some cards out for you Gisele Bündchen and see what they are saying is coming your way.

The Ten of Cups This is the card of family and home. It is a card of the heart. Obviously, this is where you focus your main energy and they completely engross your time heart and mind. It’s true that this could be said of many mothers but the feeling around this card is that your family is not finished growing yet. It’s a family in its early and most amazing years. Absorb every moment that their childhood brings.

The Three of Wands Your energy is divided into many sections. There is the Mother, the Woman and the Professional. All linked but quite separate. Because of your profession, you’re an icon to many women out there and you feel it’s your duty to show them what they can be. Showing them, that because they are a Mother, they don’t lose the right to be beautiful and intelligent at the same time.

The knight of Cups This represents your husband Tom Brady. There was a spark between you two that seems to have come from another time and place, and therefore you were linked in this life. Destiny is a strange guide, as she makes things happen in a certain way which may seem like chance but on reflection, it put you on the path that you needed to be on. This feels like a solid match.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

With two small children, it’s easy to see where your priorities lie for the foreseeable future. But it’s not all about that. I have a strong feeling around property or house hunting in the year ahead. Something new in the family nest. Your actions as a Mother, show a strong protector of her babies. You have good instincts, follow and believe in them regardless of what others try to tell you. 2017 sees positive changes in your home

We wish you all the very best for the years ahead.

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