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Gisele Bundchen’s father acts as a cheerleader for daughter.


Gisele Bundchen’s father acts as a cheerleader for daughter.

Valdir Bundchen, 66, said that his supermodel daughter Gisele’s marriage to Tom Brady is going strong and firmly back on track. He stressed that Gisele’s husband Tom is a dedicated husband and father. Valdir Bundchen, a university lecturer, and author said he and Gisele’s mother spent Christmas with Gisele, Tom and the kids in their home.

Valdir said that he has five daughters and therefore lots of son in laws and Tom was special to their family. He also dismissed rumours that Gisele was pregnant or indeed of any plastic surgery claims.

Valdir revealed that initially, he was unsure about Gisele becoming a model and wanted her to finish her studies. It was his wife who convinced him to let their daughter give it a try. He now believes that it was the right thing for her to do. He also went on to say that Gisele loves Brazil and wants to make the country a better place.

Véronique’s Verdict

The Bundchen’s appear very much a close-knit family with the emphasis on family values. Gisele’s father felt the need to attempt to defend one of his five daughter’s and her husband from the speculation surrounding their marriage. All relationships have ups and downs. It is the strong network of support that assists in helping overcome the hurdles, whether it be our blood relatives or the handpicked families that we choose to assist on our life path. The Three of Pentacles is very much about hard work and sharing the burdens throughout life. The Two of Swords is the card of compromise and adopting a balanced approach. Diplomacy will always win over aggression. Gisele appreciates the sanctity of family and the sanctity of marriage. She will continue on her life path with those core values.


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