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GoDaddy Pulls The Plug On Neo-Nazi Website “The Daily Stormer”

GoDaddy Pulls The Plug On Neo-Nazi Website “The Daily Stormer”

GoDaddy Pulls The Plug On Neo-Nazi Website “The Daily Stormer”

The neo-Nazi and white supremacist website has now 24 hours to move its hate filled domain to another provider. The publisher of the The Daily Stormer, dedicated to spreading hate filled rhetoric on anti-Semitism, pro-Nazism, and white supremacy apparently broke the guidelines of their domain rules. Makes you wonder what those guidelines are if they even allowed the site in their hosting company? It was a post made after the horrendous road rage incident at the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Sunday, where a car plowed into the crowd demonstrating against the white supremacists, killing Heather Heyer, 32 and injuring 19 others. Police later charged James Fields, 20, of Ohio, with second-degree murder. The Daily Stormer posted a picture of Heyer after the tragic incident, calling her a “fat, childless, 32-year-old slut”. After getting inundated with tweets from activists who sent the screenshot from the site, GoDaddy made the swift decision to shut them down. The site has been active since 2013. Also posted on the site was Andrew Anglin, the website’s founder praising President Trump’s news conference after the incident. “No condemnation at all,” he wrote. “When asked to condemn, [Trump] just walked out of the room. Really, really good. God bless him.”

In the aftermath of this hate filled march, the rally attendees are not going to get off so easy on social media hiding under their illusionary “white hoods”. A twitter account called “Yes You Are A Racist” has been posting photos of those who attended the white supremacist march and asking for all to be identified. Actor Jennifer Lawrence has stepped it up a big notch by using her megawatt star power to push identification after retweeting pictures taken of marcher to her 16 million followers.
#These are the faces of hate. Look closely and post anyone you find. You can’t hide with the internet, you pathetic cowards!

The quick use of Twitter identification of those who attended the march so far has caused one person to lose his job. # In Berkeley, California, Top Dog, hot dog restaurant, fired an employee after seeing a photo of him at the Unite the Right rally. “The actions of those in Charlottesville are not supported by Top Dog,” the company said on a sign photographed by Berkeleyside. “We believe in individual freedom and voluntary association for everyone.” Another has been disowned by his family on social media. Just the beginning I would think.

For Better Or Worse, Fear Of Being Less Than In The Guise of Hate Can No Longer Hide Under A Rock

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

We have a president that encourages hate and this kind of behavior will continue to get worse as the hate mongers feel they have been given the go ahead by his actions and words. Only louder voices of equality, love and respect for differences will quiet the storm.

The Empress:
This is the energy of wanting a fruitful life and sometimes issues with women. All white supremacist groups are based on whites are becoming a minority and they are losing white superiority which may be the only thing they have going for them in their life. This kind of fear based hate is usually based in male energy.

Princess of Swords: Young energy, new creative thoughts. I believe this card shows that sometimes you have to pick off the scab on the underlying infection of hate to really see the awfulness of it. You can then begin the healing process with new ideas and a different approach to the cause.

Nine of Pentacles: Inverted (Upside Down)
Enjoying the success of your hard labor. Well I would make a good guess this is one of those incidences of “be careful what you wish for” when joining a hate filled white supremacist group. Not everyone is on board for such evil thoughts and once you are exposed for this kind of thinking and actions; you lose jobs, friends and family who do not tolerate this behavior or thinking.

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