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Happily Ever After: 5 Tips for the Dream Relationship

dream relationship
By psychic Sibyl
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Happily Ever After: 5 Tips to Live the Dream Relationship

The following list won’t give you everything you need to make a dream relationship work and thrive, but it is a good way to get started and walk the path of a blissful romantic partnership! Keep on reading to learn more about my 5 tips to live the relationship you dream of.

1. Be in a relationship with someone who wants it as badly as you do

This is the key and foundation of everything that comes later on. It is a simple statement that can change your relationships and love life completely. The secret is simple: Make sure that your partner wants the relationship just as much as you do! If you have to “convince” or “manipulate” someone into being or staying in a relationship, it is very unlikely that it will change in the future. A base of mutual commitment and desire to be together is the foundation on which everything else is built.

2. Know what is truly non-negotiable and what can be given up on

Everyone is entitled to their own conditions, being it wanting to get married, not wanting kids or living in the countryside. Being clear on what is truly important for you and what you are not willing to negotiate is key before entering a relationship. Perhaps you’ve always fancied a big fat wedding but you’re willing to give up on it for the right person, or on the other hand, marriage is a total and complete must for you. Knowing what your basics are, and what you want but you could do without is the first part. The second is getting involved with people who agrees with your basics and you will be halfway there.

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3. Compromise solves almost everything

Well, first, it is important to know the difference between compromising and being the one who always meet their partner at the point that is most convenient for them. Compromising needs to be a win-win, or at least, an agreement that you or your partner can live with, not one that makes either of you miserable. If you don’t find a solution that makes both if not happy, at least comformable, keep looking.

4. Be yourself

This is not the cliché “Be yourself” thing. But, really, it is really important that you are as authentic as it gets around your partner. This doesn’t mean that you do things that are reserved for your privacy, but that you feel comfortable speaking your mind, making decisions, giving an opinion or asking for your needs to be met. Being yourself is the opposite of walking on eggshells. When you are authentic and you are not trying to meet someone else’s standards you are less likely to be disappointed. In return, offer your partner a safe place to be who they are without fear.

5. The Three Cs: Clear Constructive Communication

What is Clear Constructive Communication? Say what you mean and mean what you say, just as the old proverb. Tell your partner what you want without leaving room to interpretation, particularly when you have a problem. Expose your negative feelings in a constructive way. Say what has hurt you, how it has hurt you and why, but also point out what would you have liked instead and if it is possible indicate another attitude from your partner that you like better. For instance: Instead of saying “You didn’t cook dinner!” try something along the lines of “When you didn’t cook dinner I felt that you didn’t take my time seriously when I told you I was in a hurry. I really appreciate when you take the time to do things for me and I would love if you could do more of this in the future.”

These are only 5 tips, but applying them in your daily routine with your partner is going to make a huge difference to achieving that dream relationship. Do you have any other life-changing tips?

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By psychic Sibyl
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