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Happily Ever After With Not-Your-Soulmate?


Happily Ever After With Not-Your-Soulmate?

There are many currents, thoughts and books about Soulmates, Soulmate connections, Twin-Flames and the like. While there is a general idea that seems to be sort of universal, there’s no consensus about the part that Soulmates have in our lives, if they are only one or they are many and other issues. Does it even matter? With this article I hope to bring a bit of a different perspective to the table.

Soulmates are a thing

So, at this stage of my life and experience, I think it is a fact that Soulmates actually exist, regardless of the karmic or universal laws, soul contracts and whatever else we might not be aware of. There are Soulmate connections, karmic relationships, past-life encounters, you name it. However, the whole Soulmate thing seems to have turned the dating scene into a hunt for “The One TM” and whenever a Soulmate connection arises, many people are getting stuck into relationships that are not for their highest good just because the connection is so strong it must mean they won’t be happy with anyone else. And this is where, from my experience, things start to go wrong.

Relationships as experience

Together with the search for “The One TM” comes the idea that every relationship that is not a happily ever after is a terrible waste of time. It might be if we don’t stop to see what has happened, we don’t get the most out of the experience or we completely ignore red flags. However, every relationship is either a lesson on what to do or what not to do. Both are equally valuable.

I remember having done plenty of things that today make me want to facepalm hard, very hard, pursuing relationships that were deep spiritual connections. It wasn’t until I realized that the series of catastrophic relationships I was having one after the other, with people I had even met before, were just meant to teach me what not to do. The revelation was cathartic!

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A Soulmate doesn’t equal “Meant to be”

And that is fine. It hurts, this sort of connections are so intense, so made above, and so real and tangible that they shake our core. Your feelings about your Soulmate are real and legit, but they won’t always be reciprocal. When it happens, it is not our job to pursue or “awake” our Soulmate. Each one of us have come here with our own mission, and it doesn’t often include doing someone else’s spiritual work for them.

A Soulmate is not necessarily going to make you happier than Not-A-Soulmate

Some people have lifelong relationships with their Soulmates, others don’t. Does it mean that those who don’t manage to have that romance with their Soulmate or that lose their Soulmate are doomed to a life of sadness and loneliness or that they won’t ever know true love? That’s absolutely wrong.

Sibyl’s Verdict

True love is not a one-size-fits-all. There’s not only one way to be happy or only one person on the face of Earth that you can have a blissful relationship with. If you don’t get into a romantic relationship with your Soulmate, you’re going to be just fine and I can guarantee that love is still there, waiting for you.

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  1. I just have to say I was reading the article’s about soulmates,and trustworthy,trustworthy relationships..the experience that I read in the comments from DawnMarie on Aug 11th was exactly what I have experienced..its a earth shaking heartbreaking life experience..i still in process I can’t seem to get some 47 and never really talked about this..i just wanted to say something to DawnMarie I’m sorry you had to go through this..and I hope it gets easier as time passes.. I feel connected because our situation is so woman have to support each other it sure helps! It helps to know that your never alone xoxo thanks for listening.. sincerely, Charlette

    1. To the two lady that responded to article of soulmate article I have been destroyed by I thought was my soulmate and just one day you’re gone I don’t know what happened why they decided they didn’t want nothing to do with me anymore or in the in the process she lost her dad I lost my mom and but within one month she turned completely totally different was totally in love with me and then totally out of love with me and I’ve been destroyed ever since I hope someday I can get over this all I know is it hurts very very bad I’ve never experienced this and I’m 54 and I need to find some closure somehow and time some happiness somewhere cuz I’m just destroyed….HELP

  2. I’m so confused about life love and hurt my ex made me lose EVERYTHING AND HE GAINED A LOT FINALLY I get fresh start but that’s been twice I don’t wanna love him any more because it’s phgically hurt my Life and still.I want to simple live and love tired if stress I need to be blessed with the heart and soul I posses. In Jesus name amen