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Happy Heart Initiative launched by 11-year-old to fight child obesity

Happy Heart Initiative launched by 11-year-old to fight child obesity

Happy Heart Initiative launched by 11-year-old to fight child obesity

We have heard many stories that prove just how far can children go when wanting to achieve something. Some of them are a major inspiration, and can open our eyes to the bigger picture. Savanna Karmue wants to do exactly that – but one mile at a time.

The now 11-year-old girl from South Sacramento wants to be a cardiologist. Although she has a long way to go before that, she already started the ‘preparations’. “Two-thousand people die every single day because of one disease: cardiovascular disease, and I didn’t want to wait to become a cardiologist to help people and I wanted to start immediately”. Such wise words from a young girl.

Alas, her words weren’t just words, but were followed by action. She launched ‘Happy Heart Advices’ when she was only 9 years old. It is a non-profit, raising awareness about child obesity.

She didn’t stop there, in fact, that was just the beginning. The ‘Happy Heart Winter Challenge’ is all over social media, raising awareness. Savanna is gathering sponsors to run a mile a day, the progress of which is then posted online. If she is transforming lives at such a tender age, what will se do when she is older?

Children are our future, I guess this saying hasn’t been truer. To be so dedicated to a remarkable goal like that takes lots of effort, self-discipline and perseverance. Clearly, young Savanna has all that, sending everyone a clear message. If she can do it, then why can’t you? Let’s ask the cards to see what is in store for this campaign and Savanna.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Page of Cups:
This card represents Savanna. She always speaks from her heart, and she has lots of creative energy wanting to come forth. This is only the beginning of her exciting journey. We can’t wait to see what she plans next.

The Chariot:
Savannah is young, creative, intuitive and inspired. Although the road she took isn’t always easy, there is ultimate success on the horizon. She is a major inspiration for others and will continue to be that.

Nine of Cups:
Her efforts not only bring inspiration for others, but also for her and her family. She is healthy, happy and content in all aspects of her life. Amazing achievement, well done Savanna! People could learn a lot from you, in many ways.


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