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Hayden Panettiere and the terrible twos.

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere and the terrible twos.

Every parent knows there is one episode of life that they must go through to get their badge of honour and it’s known as the terrible twos. You’ve done the sleepless nights, the teething, the rashes colds and all the other stuff. Now comes the twos. Suddenly, this little person has developed language. Now, not only can they tell you what they want but they understand the word no. They understand it, but they don’t accept it. They will test all the boundaries with no sense of danger. Hayden Panettiere has been explaining how she is finding it difficult to keep her two-year-old daughter alive with all the things the is getting herself into. Something most parents can totally understand.

To Hayden Panettiere:
Congratulations on having an inquisitive bubbly two-year-old. It shows a healthy and bright mind. Although she may be the best workout you have had in years, the payback will be priceless. This year will end with a three-year-old who should be applying some logic you hope. It’s all part of the fun. The most amazing thing about this age is that the little person who had been growing in front of your eyes now has an opinion on things. The funniest part is listening to their take on the world. It doesn’t always align itself with yours, so it does make you wonder where they got them. Or are us adults just complicating things with logic? Either way, enjoy every moment, this stage is precious and so short lived.

Let’s draw some cards around your life Hayden Panettiere and see what they say.

The Ten of Coins:
Here is the card of the family home and all that is in it. It’s the nest that we keep feathered with safety and warmth, especially when there is a little one involved. Children need security and it’s up to the adults to provide this. Just as any animal will provide a nest for their young when they are growing. This appears to be where most of your energies are concentrated for the moment, but it’s not all that’s happening next year.

The Seven of Wands:
This is a burst of energy both mental and physical. Not in your child but in you. It would appear that the New Year brings with it a reason to allow yourself to dream big. It’s as though a plan needs to be put in place for you to work towards something to fulfil a dream. Being a mother is a wonderful job, but you are still the girl, still the lady. This is the part of you that needs to be nourished.

The Three of Cups:
This is the family card. Here are the hearts that make your world worthwhile. According to the cards, it’s a wonderful year with warmth and affection as it should be when there is a little person in the picture. Your world now is very different, but it’s all the more magic. I have a strange feeling that she will not go through this life as an only child. So, consider this a training run. The next time around you will be a lot more prepared.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

The family is certainly the top of the list across the board. However, the professional you will not get lost in the equation. I feel that 2017 is offering you something new and exciting, which you will be able to combine with your role as mother quite comfortably. I would be very excited about the opportunities that 2017 is offering you. Personal contacts play a big role in success, it’s all about timing. The right offer coming along at the right time.


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