Healing Your Family Karma

family karma

Family Karma

Every family has it, the issues of parents, siblings, relatives, cultural Karma and forefathers of generations past. When we incarnate, we take on that energetic pattern within our soul family and that family is large and with many long reaching tentacles of not only bloodlines but friends, adopted siblings, lovers, marriage partners, acquaintances and co-workers.

First, let’s break the myth that Karma is our personal experience of retribution and punishment for past sins. Karma is just energy attraction, based on the cause and effect that we’ve picked up along the way of our many incarnations and CAN be released.

We must simply set our intent to “take out the trash” and by doing so, lighten up not only ourselves and our entire world but also our soul family lineage!

Everything is energy

Karma is often characterized by phrases such as “what goes around comes around”, “you reap what you sow”, “violence begets violence”, etc. Out of all those, the phrase “what goes around comes around” comes the closest to defining the “cause and effect” aspect of Karma.

Remember that everything is energy. We are constantly sending out and receiving energy each moment of our existence and we do not ever do it alone.

Also remember, souls who bring shadows into a family are not “bad” and souls who release shadows are not “good”. Everyone in your soul cluster has agreed to come into this lifetime or into the lineage, in order to learn soul lessons together.

Your Cosmic Breath

Here’s one way to understand Karma. Your Cosmic Breath flows out from you and your soul family (‘exhales”) and that particular energy vibration put out flows into and conjoins with the Cosmic Outbreath of the Universe.

Eventually that energetic outbreath becomes an inhalation (just like we as humans breathe) and begins a journey back to creator of the exhale. (you and your soul family) Through the law of attraction, all the energy You have put out that originally joined and mixed in with the Cosmic energy returns back to you like iron particles being attracted to a magnet.

Karma is about cause and effect and our perfectly, pre-planned (but not pre-destined) life experiences. Karma can be viewed as the gift we gave ourselves in order to experience opportunities of growth and expansion.

When we get to the point of truly understanding and knowing that we are the Creators of this Karmic loop, we can, through our heartfelt intent and knowingness, decide to exit that self-created Karmic loop. Those in charge of maintaining this Karmic loop for you will also gladly, lovingly and joyously exercise the mechanics necessary to clear your Karma.

Karmic Baggage

Here are some of the family Karma baggage we carry from our soul families are:

* Abuse
* Addiction
* Violence
* Poverty
* Illness
* Abandonment
* Betrayal
* Incest

Stay focused on you

When you make the decision to release lifetimes of obligations to your soul group in which you agreed to limit your life to help them with their issues, your contractual obligation is done. You took this on for a variety of reasons, all based in past life experiences but mostly because you thought they were powerless, either through their actions or your contributions and you wanted to help them heal and regain their power.

When you realize as long as you stay connected to their dysfunction, you limit your own life and theirs by enabling them. They have to do their own healing and trying to do it for them just delays the process.

Also know that as you begin to pull your energy away from your soul family they will appear to need you more, have more problems to resolve and seem to be more helpless than ever. They now have to get used to working with their own power where previously, they were using yours. It will take a little bit of time but they will adjust.

The most important thing for you to do is to stay focused on what you want to create in your life and using your energy to empower your dreams. The needs of your family have been your excuse for not moving forward, not embracing your gifts and not having joy in your life.

By removing that drain on your energy, you are now able to focus on you and your life, which is a new concept not only for this lifetime but for many previous ones as well.

Start creating some goals for yourself, re-awaken your dreams and begin to focus on using your energy to empower your own life.

Cutting cords from family Karma

There are many ways to break family Karmic ties but in my many years as a healer and counselor, I have found the cord cutting exercise to be the most powerful. Also, asking your guides, angels or whomever you feel is supporting you in this lifetime to give you the courage to be free from your soul family contract.

1. Envision the person or persons you wish to be emotionally and physically free from.
2. Surround both of you or the group and you in a pink loving bubble of forgiveness and compassion.
3. Ask your guides to present you with the Karmic scissors.
4. Look for the cords that connect you and the person or persons from heart to heart.
5. Take the Karmic scissors and cut the cords between you.
6. Bless them and send them light and love and step out of the pink bubble.

You may have to do this many, many times depending on how far back the Karmic baggage goes and how deeply it is imbedded in your life imprints but eventually you feel an energetic “POP” and a lightness about a situation or a person will have replaced anger, resentment or feeling victimized. D

o not be surprised if you actually feel a little sad as a part of you will have died away and you will energetically mourn and feel the loss. You will then find yourself dealing with was once a button pushing, demoralizing family or friend situation become something you can easily handle, even it means keeping distance.

It’s not perfect and you may have a little setback here and there but the biggest contractual burden will be gone. Namaste.

Susan Z’s Footnote

Cord cutting has been around for awhile and often recommended in spiritual healing circles. Do not underestimate the power of it just because it is not something new and inventive you have not heard of before. Remember, intention is everything.

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