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Here’s Really Why Oprah And Stedman Have Never Gotten Married

Here’s Really Why Oprah And Stedman Have Never Gotten Married

Here’s Really Why Oprah And Stedman Have Never Gotten Married

Many reasons have been reported why Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have never married through the years in grocery store checkout rags, personal close sources, Entertainment Tonight, etc. Some of them being, (Now don’t laugh as all these headlines have been in print at some time or another) Oprah is gay, Stedman is gay, Oprah does not want Stedman to share in her fortune, she has no reason to marry him, she has everything she wants on her own, (her own father made that quote) he is too hen pecked and obedient and she just uses him for show dates. They have all been blown up for us to believe there is truly something wrong with this relationship and can’t be what it seems to be….happy with the way it is. As it turns out, the reason Oprah gives for why her and Stedman have never married makes perfect sense.

There’s nothing traditional about her, including her approach to relationships. She had done just about everything, accomplished exactly what she has wanted in her life, failed at very few things, (well losing weight might be on that list, lol!) she is now comfortable in her own skin, took her success to a higher plane and delivered some amazing spiritual insightful shows about what our relationship with God and universe might be and finally has learned how to relax as well as one might think she is capable of. Even so, her new endeavors consist of her line of prepared foods and a movie role in the wonderful, magical looking film called “A Wrinkle In Time.” But the two roles she is not interested is accomplishing in her life are being president of the United States, (yes, she was asked to run) and becoming a wife. The media icon explained to Vogue why she and longtime partner Stedman Graham have never tied the knot ―and will never tie the knot.

“The only time I brought it up was when I said to Stedman, ‘What would have happened if we have actually gotten married?’” she said. “And the answer is: ‘We wouldn’t be together.’ We would not have stayed together, because marriage requires a different way of being in this world. His interpretation of what it means to be a husband and what it would mean for me to be a wife would have been pretty traditional, and I would not have been able to fit into that.” Winfrey has been in a relationship with Graham since 1986 and she states marriage only came up once. People find it hard to believe but it’s true. She also explained that not being married taught her to “live life on your own terms,” a concept she’s built her career on. Considering the fact these two have kept a strong relationship going for over 30 years, we’ll just call this another Winfrey accomplishment done on her own terms.

It Is Obvious Oprah and Stedman Understand And Respect Each Other With Trying To Make Changes

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Oprah Winfrey is one of those rare, magnificent human beings that somehow came from despair and no hope to inspiring the world with hope, caring and common sense. She encapsulates the charismatic genome of a life written to inspire and change the world not at the cost of her personal life but the inclusion of a personal relationship that fits her energy.

Queen of Cups: Inverted (Upside Down)
A woman who is spiritual, optimistic, psychically aware, love and caring. Being drawn inverted I feel it shows her beginnings in life were just the opposite of this energy and she changed it around.

Nine of Cups: Inverted
Wishes and contentment granted. Being inverted, I believe there are so many more things Oprah would like to accomplish and changes in the world but realizes she is older and now wants to just enjoy life.

The Emperor:
A man who seeks power, wants to be in control and a need to be right. This I believe is Oprah’s general opinion of men, especially men she has encountered in her career and will never allow any man to have a say in how she lives her life and who she is. That is why Stedman is perfect for her, he gets it.

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