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Is this the end for Hiddleswift already? See what the cards say.

Tom Hiddleson Taylor Swift

Is this the end for Hiddleswift already? See what the cards say.

All summer long we have heard the story of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston “Hiddleswift”. And how Tom had come to Taylor’s side when her heart had been broken by her previous romance. Tom appeared to be the knight in shining armour and swept her off her feet and away into the sunset. They had even met each other’s family and appeared to be well on the way to happy ever after. But does this fairytale have a happy ending?

News this week appears to show that cracks at starting to appear in the celebrity couple relationship. It would appear that Tom, is getting a little tired of the fact that they have little time alone together. The celebrity status was always going to take its toll on the relationship. And the fact that it was a rebound relationship. Only adds to the fact that it was going to take a lot more effort than most. It has been said that Tom is starting to feel like nothing more than an escort to Taylor. This can damage a person’s pride, and pride can damage anything that stands in its way.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What advice do the cards give to this celebrity couple?
I decided to do a spread for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. As normal with three cards, but holding their relationship in mind, and trying to tune into the energy of their heart. As the heart is one of the strongest emotional sources we have. This is not to be confused with mind reading, we are simply asking the cards for advice.
The cards they drew were: The King of Cups representing (Tom Hiddleston), The Hermit (the emotions), The Queen of Cups (Taylor Swift). Three very clear cards in what needs to be done here. First I need to address Tom. He is the King of Cups, the man with a big heart, and his emotions are genuine and honest. The Queen of Cups, address the female of the pair. Taylor Swift. A caring loyal Woman whose heart is also in the right place. So what’s going wrong?
Well, the hermit card betrays the cracks. It appears that Tom Hiddleston may feel like he is taking a back seat at times. It is very understandable that he gets frustrated. And it’s also understandable, that Taylor despite her best intentions feels powerless to change this. But there is a way.
To Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, I would like to give this advice. It is obvious to all that there is something worth saving here. It is vital that you step out of the limelight as a couple for a while. Just enough time to see the true heart that is standing beside you before it’s too late. Arguments can be a good sign. It means someone cares enough to argue. I wrote some time ago that I believe as a couple you have what it takes. And I still believe you do. Anything worth saving is worth fighting for, and I firmly believe this is worth saving. We wish you both every happiness from all here at 7th Sense Psychics.

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