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Hilary Duff puts on her best face following stalker allegations.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff puts on her best face following stalker allegations.

Hilary Duff The 28-year-old mother of one has refused to allow an overzealous fan to prevent her daily routine in Beverly Hills.  Hilary received warnings from the police after an obsessive male fan hired a limousine in an attempt to search for the home of the actress. The concerned limo driver went to the police with the information gained from the man who talked of proposing marriage to Hilary. As terrifying as this is, the incident will not stop her from living her life in the way she wishes. Hilary has kept up with her beauty appointments and trips to the gym. Additionally, the number of security guards protecting the actress’s home has increased.  She has not taken further action in relation to the stalker incident.

Véronique’s Verdict

Hilary drew the Ten of Wands, the Eight of Swords and the Ace of Pentacles. Being in the public eye is a double-edged sword for many celebrities. This is the perfect example of the less appealing side of celebrity life. Hilary faced this issue head on, despite feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders. The Eight of Swords shows the darker side of fame and Hilary’s refusal to become a prisoner in her own home. She has the resources to protect herself and her family in the best way, as shown by the Ace of Pentacles. She will continue to work on her own physical and emotional security, as well as that of her family. Business as usual for Hilary.

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