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How A Modern Day Scottish Nanny Got Arrested for Witchcraft

How A Modern Day Scottish Nanny Got Arrested for Witchcraft

How A Modern Day Scottish Nanny Got Arrested for Witchcraft

I am sure everyone who does psychic work, metaphysical teachings, herbs, speaks to spirit or healings, have made the comment at least once of betting that in one lifetime, we got burnt or jailed for witchcraft. Lol! Now witchcraft or wiccan is spoken about in the news, in open minded circles and sometimes in hushed tones when you know you are in the company of those who do not believe or at the very least think you are crazy! As it turns out, as recently as 30 years ago, a woman from Scotland had an unfortunate set of circumstances happen to her that set her up for a witch hunt. Even in modern times, there is still fear of the unknown power someone might possess to cause bad things to happen to another. It never occurs to anyone in that fear frenzy that wiccan or witchcraft is also used for good.

Carole Compton found herself at the center of a series of strange paranormal events during the winter of 1983. Locked up and labeled a sorceress, Compton’s bizarre case has long left supernatural sleuths scratching their heads. In the Summer of 1982, Ayrshire, Scotland native Carole Compton met her dream man, an Italian military soldier who swept her off her feet. She’d fallen hard for him and decided quickly to pack up her entire life in order relocate closer to him. Up until then, she was just another girl in love. She found work as a live-in nanny and while in that position, the strange occurrences started happening around her. Of course, it did not help that the family has an over religious maid who started associating Carole with the “odd” things that started after she took work with them. She went with the family on a trip where mysterious fires broke out in their rented home. Due to the maid’s suspicions, the family fired Carol believing she was somehow responsible for the fires. Carol found another nanny position with the Tonti family but again they instantly began experiencing a series of paranormal activity that ranged from loud bangs on the walls to objects moving around on their own. Carole herself began to complain that she was hearing an unexplainable scratching sound on the walls of the house. The family also witnessed, on more than one occasion, many of the religious icons falling off walls and countertops whenever Carole was present in the room.

The family began to suspect the young woman was a witch, specifically a Strega Witch, an accusation which Carole laughed off wholeheartedly. Unfortunately for Carole, another fire broke out with this family nearly destroying their home. The police were called and they recognized her from her previous employers. On suspicion, the police arrested Compton, who was charged with attempted murder. Thanks to over-the-top tales of the “Witch Nanny”, the story grabbed the attention of the press seemingly overnight. Public opinion on the event was split down the middle, with one side shocked with Italy’s justice system for engaging in a literal witch hunt, and others who believed that the woman had made a pact with the devil and deserved to rot away in a prison for her crimes. They even kept her in an iron locked cage during her trial so she could not hurt anyone. Geez! Carole never once admitted to having any paranormal abilities, nor did she confess to setting the strange fires. Fortunately for Carole, she was found not guilty of attempted murder but was found guilty for attempted arson and released for time served of 15 months. There have been plenty of theories about what exactly happened to Carole, some of which include poltergeist activity, psychokinesis to unintentional magick spells cast. Even Carol herself suggested the possibility of poltergeists, as the activity always seemed to get worse as the tensions inside the homes built. Years after the trial, Carol wrote a book about the experience called “Superstition: The True Story of the Nanny They Called A Witch.”

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Since no one was ever able to prove or disprove Carole’s paranormal source, theories could go on for days of what really transpired. It is a known fact though, that some people’s energies and light resonance sometimes really piss off otherworldly spirits. Why? Jealousy, revenge, anger…pick one. My gut feeling on her story was that the nanny really was clueless and a victim of a supernatural happening.

Ten Swords:
Being challenged in life with seemingly bad luck or negative thinking. I would say that Carole got a double dose of this during this period in her life.

Six of Wands:
Ultimate victory over a situation. I see this as a double meaning for Carole. Her ultimate release from the legal system and also being released from being paranormally stalked.

Three of Pentacles:
Future success on something worked on and the past attention put to it. As I mentioned above, I believe she finally did free herself of whatever decided was going to make her life hell for awhile. She also got a book out of it. So possibly she made enough off the book to compensate her for her witching ways. Lol!

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