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How free will changes psychic predictions

psychic predictions

When advisors read your energy patterns to make psychic predictions, they see a scenario unfold based on your feelings, emotions, belief system and thoughts at that moment. But you can wake up in the middle of the night and have an “aha” moment and those patterns can suddenly change. Or you may unexpectedly think you have met the man of your dreams and he tells you he is not interested in a commitment. The free will choices you make from that point can alter the timeframe or change the outcome of the situation. Nothing, when it comes to free will is set in stone.

What is free will? Many people think that psychics can make psychic predictions the future with absolute pinpoint accuracy. Sometimes the information that is revealed is so precise and does happen, that one assumes it is a usual gift given to all psychics. The truth is, we have free will. As defined in the dictionary: “The doctrine that the conduct of human beings expresses personal choice and is not simply determined by physical or divine forces.” To simplify that statement, there are definitely some predetermined happenings in your life and most of the decisions we make effects almost any given situation. Also keep in mind that other people who are involved in your situation also have free will and their actions can change the outcome, too.

Our soul has taken human form to experience life situations in order to evolve. If we didn’t have free will, then it would be like living as a puppet with someone or something pulling the strings and making all our decisions for us. We know for a fact, when we are guided by our higher selves and when our crazy ass ego decides immediate gratification is needed. That is will free will comes into play. We stay within the same soul group for many, many lifetimes and select our parents in each lifetime! It is a mutual agreement to help your soul experience growth.

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“The best way to predict the future is to recognize what you are creating at the moment.” That is why when you read for someone for many years, if they are open to change, their future changes. I used to read for a woman for years asking the same question: “When, when, when will I meet the love of my life?” I would predict a man coming into her life but I refused to commit that he was her lifelong love for one reason. She was unwilling to do any work on her heart. She basically did not really like men and only wanted to get married for someone would take care of her, besides being an impossible perfectionist. Needless to say, these men came into her life and would only take and never give back. Eventually with it ending. It was not until her sheer exhaustion and fear made her start working on her deepest beliefs of being loveable and how to give and receive love without attachments. It wasn’t overnight, but she did finally meet a man and fall in love and much nicer version of what she was looking for before.

So how does destiny play into predicting the future? Most people believe some things are fated and are guided by our higher self and spirit guides to the soul’s learning destiny and of course there is always karma from previous lives. One thing that seems to be a biggy in predestined soul experiences is marriage and partnership. Sort of makes sense since that is really what we came here to learn, unconditional love. Even palm readers can see the markings on the side of your hand of how may marriages you will have. Whether they are long term and happy depends on your free will choices.

How does that free will and psychic predictions affect our relationships? Soul mates and partners are like a conveyor belt, right time, right place, right circumstances and they fall into place for a relationship. Sometimes. you make a choice on that conveyor belt of someone who has very few qualifications to be a lasting relationship because you don’t want to wait for the next one. Free will! If it’s in your destiny to meet a certain person, rest assured, you will… the Universe will make sure of it. It’s just not necessarily predetermined how that meeting will occur.

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  1. It seems ‘freewill’ is what psychic advisers like to use as an explanation of why things didn’t turn out as predicted. Shouldn’t they predict when ‘freewill’ is going to be used and keep something from happening?

    1. Sweetheart, the purpose of a psychic reading is to tell the seeker what will most likely happen should no action be taken to alter that foreseen outcome. This is where freewill comes in.

      If you were getting a psychic reading and were told that on Friday, April 14, you will be involved in a three-car collision when you turn right at Hollywood and Vine around 8 a.m. As April 14 approaches you are becoming more and more terrified of this car accident because you absolutely cannot be without your vehicle for even a day and turning right at Hollywood and Vine is part of the route you travel every single weekday of the year to get to work.

      Friday, March 14 and it is getting closer to 8 a.m. and you are on your way to work. Man, you are sweating bulltes and am almost paralyzed by the message of you being in that three-car collision. You are getting closer and closer to the ill-fated intersection. You are on Hollywood approaching the cross street of Vine pretty much inching your way along. Muscle memory flips on your right blinker. As you come within four feet of the intersection, a thought flashes across your eyes, “Just go down one more block and take the next turn.” Your free will chooses to drive one extra block to avoid the predicted collision. Free will may also have very well led you to follow your exact same route and your car ends up being totalled.

      We greatly appreciate your time and you not only reading the article, but taking time to post a comment.

      Thank you and blessings,