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How People Make Us Feel Inferior


The Way Other People Make Us Feel

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

This is so true as no one person can make any of us feel a particular way without us first giving them permission. We are literally in control of our own feelings and how others may lead us to feel at any given time.

If someone says or does something that makes me feel badly, that is my fault for allowing it to happen. Therefore my mantra is “Always Know Your Worth!”

I deserve much better than to feel poorly just because someone chose to inflict their negativity upon me and my life. No one has the right to make me feel less-than. Same for you! No one has the right to make you feel unworthy.

We all encounter other persons who may be having a bad day or is just feeling down on themselves. How that person feels often comes across in their chosen words and/or actions. How I react to those words and actions is on me and I try hard to not allow the negativity of others to affect how I feel, even if I am having a less-than-grand day myself.

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Knowing my worth has helped me avoid some very ugly situations while dealing with the public, especially when I worked retail. I have been cussed out by rude, ungrateful customers yet I chose to not allow that negative interaction ruin my day or affect how I perceive myself.

I learned a long time ago that I am not responsible for the emotions, thoughts, actions and words of another. I am, however, responsible for myself and how I perceive others and what they may say or do to me. A sarcastic, “Nice hair,” can really ruin your day if you allow it. At the same time, you can choose to think, “Hey, they noticed my hair. Cool.” And simply leave it at that.

You do not know what prompted that person to say what they did. Maybe it was because they were self-conscious of their own hair! Think about that.

Knowing my own worth does not mean that I have the right to inflict my bad day on others. I try to always be cognizant of how my words and actions may impact another person. I once was very rude at a local grocery store and said some very unkind things to the clerk and the bag boy who, as it turned out, was autistic. This happened about 15 years ago and I have never gotten past it, yet I choose to use that in my interactions with all persons since. I felt so badly for what I did and said to that young man who was not in any way at fault for my bad day.

Tamara’s Verdict

Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Take control of your reactions and always know your own worth.

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  1. Ive been on this path for such à long time knowing m’y worth its been à painful road because it started when i was very Young. To adulthood because thatss all i knew a lot of mental and physical abuse until i broke and found M’y savior and teacher Jésus and with him showing me m’y worth in humble and brand new .

    1. Barbara, I am so very glad you are finding your worth. I am currently working on a story about healing emotional scars through the blessings all around us and finding your purpose. I think you will enjoy it so be looking for it. I hope you read my recent story about finding your worth. Continued blessings to you! You are a strong person who was put here on this earth for a reason!

  2. I’m going through a very heard time with my husband he is very abusive mentally and emotionally . He’s on drugs because the boy next door he will go over there at 3:00 and stay till 12:00. He works at a nursing home and I tried telling them they need to do a drug test I didn’t give them my name but I guess they have caller ID . They went to him and told him I called.. so there not going to due anything about it. He’s had his stuff packed since may. And left our room in may I got yelled at for talking to my aunt I can’t talk to no one. I get blamed for doing stuff I’m not doing . someone told him I was talking to someone in a black truck I don’t no anyone with a black truck he’s been very controling. He doesn’t help with bills or Nothing he let the power bill get over 500.00 before he paid it. He dint buy food for the animals he brought into our home or food for us. I’m disabled and had to get on food stamps just to eat I got down to 50 pounds because him. I can’t even afford a lawyer with my mortgage and bills you have been so right .

    1. Stacia, I am so very sorry to read of your current struggles and I will certainly be sending up extra prayers and healing energies for you.
      Love, light and blessings!