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How People Treat Their Dogs


Dog Lovers in a Love Relationship

Last week’s article was all about cats, now it’s time to highlight dogs in love relationships. Dogs are more popular with the general population. There are some people who dislike dogs; however, the percentage is higher for those who dislike cats. Famous dog lovers are: Virginia Woolf, Stephen King, Oprah, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emma Stone, and the majority of the US presidents owned dogs in the White House.

Men usually prefer dogs over cats, while some women also have a dog preference. Dog owners love the following qualities in their dog: loyalty, unconditional love, non-judgmental, protectors, and easy to train. Dogs are used for: the military, police department, airports, hunting, guarding, sledding, water/snow rescue and to assist blind people.

Even though dogs love the majority of people, they can still sniff out a bad apple. Trust your dog’s judgement on their reaction to a potential love partner. Singles pay attention to the way your date is with his/her dog or other people’s dogs. If your date mistreat a dog, more than likely you’re next on the list.

Dog Date

Here’s one of my dating stories of how I knew a man was wrong for me:

I met him and his dog on a blind date in a state park. His dog was a large dog, yet was very sweet. It was a beautiful day that brought out a lot of people.

Even though other people walked their dog on a leash, my date allowed his dog to walk by his heel. A park ranger pointed out twice that his dog had to be on a leash during our walk.

A couple of adults and a child became nervous when his dog sniffed them as they walked by. I pointed out to him how people were afraid of his dog. His response was, “He wouldn’t hurt them.” He ignored my explanation of how strangers aren’t aware of that fact. At the end of the walk, he complained when the ranger gave him a ticket for still not having his dog on a leash. My date’s behavior gave huge clues of his superiority complex and disrespect for rules and people’s feelings. We never went out again.

Helping non-dog people

Non-dog people don’t like them due to the fact that they’re afraid of them, had a bad experience, or weren’t raised in a pet household. These following tips will aid your partner to feel more comfortable around your dog:

  • Show him/her how to approach a dog.
  • Teach them in the way to pet your dog.
  • Discipline your dog for any jumping or licking.
  • Advise your mate on how to play with your dog, then let them play.
  • Illustrate how to walk your dog, while allowing them some alone time to bond.
  • Keep your partner’s possessions away from your dog if he likes to chew.

Pamela’s Verdict

Hopefully, in time your heart’s desire will come to love your dog. If they ask you to give up your dog, perhaps you should ponder whether this is the right person for you. When you adopt a dog it is for their entire lifetime.

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  1. Honestly this was a rather disappointing article. I was hoping for a more interesting analysis of a person’s behavior around dog(s) as an indication of their personality.

    The example given of the man with the unleashed dog was almost too obvious to be interesting.

    Not trying to be harsh, but I think feedback is always a positive contribution.

  2. Talking about dogs my x kissed it loved on it and let it eat off his spoon. But he would never kiss me hug me or talk nice to me like he did his dog. After the e ring went on. He would spend money galore on the dog, and never ever bought me a thing for Christmas Birthday valentine. That’s why he is my x. Don’t get me wrong I loved the dog too but I’ll never see her again. Plus the dog would growl at my adult son so he stopped coming over. My son loves all animals so I don’t know why she would go after him as soon as he walked in the door. No the x wouldn’t put her in another room cause it was her house.