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How Psychics are Becoming the New Wellness Coaches

Psychics becoming the new wellness coaches

Psychic Counselling Now at the Heart of Wellness Self-Healing

After so long of being dismissed by skeptics, the profession of psychic readers is now finally getting recognition from within the wellness profession. In the past a reader may have just referred to themselves as a psychic or medium. Now however they are starting to up their credentials to the likes of intuitive professionals, intuitive counselors, spiritual advisors, medical intuitives, etc.

There is an end in sight to the social stigma of the word “psychic“. The long history of confusion and fear associated with it has prevented its healing being used widely. The general public is now becoming more educated and interested in exactly what intuitive counseling is.

Skeptical Thought is Receding

I am 25+ year professional psychic and medium. I have worked as a life coach, emotional addiction counselor, holistic therapist and energetic healer. Yet I still deal with personal prejudices wondering if I am a witch or just plain crazy to believe all that “stupid stuff”.

I still have skeptical friends, but now they are beginning to casually ask me if I “think” something will happen or not. And therein lies the problem with the skeptics, the word think. The human race moved away from the old ways of being connected to the earth and listening to the life forces that passed through their hearts. We became so focused on only listening to what the ego and mind say is real, instead of what the spirit knew to be real. These life forces are healing forces that intuitive counselors tap into and use to guide clients to greater wellness.

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The Right Therapy for the Right Person

I started in 12 Step Alcoholic and Addiction Counseling before eventually getting involved in metaphysics. It was clear to me the two could be blended to go further. I wanted to use that to find the cause of the deep fears, the self-hatred, the feeling un-loveable, etc. that made addicts drink or do drugs. I spent years getting certified and licensed in everything to understand how that pain could be released.

The general consensus from the professional psychiatric world is that a person who sees psychics want someone to give them false hopes in their chaotic fear. Professional therapy has a tendency towards repetitive spinning wheel words like: “Well, what do you think about that?” I find this to be mostly useless.

I have counseled people who spent years in therapy and still felt as messed up and fearful as they started. Psychics and mediums have the training and ability to “tune-in” to someone. They can, in a few sentences, narrow down what their client’s deep and challenging fears are. This allows them to suggest learning and self-healing tools to create new positive foundations.

However, please don’t misunderstand my comments as a judgment against professional medical therapy. It can absolutely work for some with the right equation, i.e. for the right person with the right professional. If you find your medical therapy is working for you then that is brilliant and I suggest sticking with it.

What is Intuitive Counseling?

So why do some psychics now use the title Intuitive Psychic Counselor? First, intuition is defined as: “Immediate mind acknowledgement without any concrete proof and a knowing insight.” An intuitive psychic counselor uses the energetic vibrations in your voice, your word inflections and your personal insight, to hear and “know” what lies behind the ego’s deceitful mask that tells you that you are worthless, un-loveable, have no value, or are cursed with a life of bad luck.

Once that self-hating illusion is stripped away an authentic, loving person can emerge. That person will then be better equipped to take things as they come. Feeling you have some control is absolutely necessary to have a balanced and happy life. Also learning how to accept that the only control you have in life is how you handle each situation as it shows up. Deciding to be a victim only brings more difficulty. But making the better choice of accepting that sometimes you fall in a hole, and pulling yourself out is a learning experience? This gives you the tools to see pitfalls ahead of time, so you can make different choices.

Giving the Tools to Achieve Wellness

More and more, gifted intuitives, psychics and mediums are acquiring other modalities (tools of healing). They are acquiring credentials and more knowledge to effectively suggest healing tools, mantras, meditations, prayers, affirmation tracks and books. You notice that I did not say the intuitive psychic counselors fix it for them. Instead what they do is they teach their clients how to self-heal, which is the only way to heal long-term.

Those claiming to be “fixers” are those who take advantage by suggesting that, for a price, they can make things all better for you. That dark reputation is slowly being forced out and replaced with legitimate and caring intuitive psychic counselors. No one can just fix another person, but what they can do is help the client open their heart and mind to want to become lovingly authentic and take responsibility for their own life, flaws and all.

Teaching someone to think in a positive manner about themselves is probably the best therapy there is. It allows the client to see themselves, their life and their future in a positive and hopeful light. And that is the ultimate wellness goal of the intuitive counselor.

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