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How The Pain Body Creates Your Emotional Suffering

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How The Pain Body Creates Your Emotional Suffering

The first time I heard the phrase “Pain Body”, all I could think of was; “Now why would anyone go and stick pins in their eyeballs, if you knew it’s going to bring you pain”? The second part startled me even more! Everyone has a pain body and it is an actual living, breathing entity that is attached to you but separate and triggered when it needs to be fed.

Now that I have given you an “Alien” visual of the power and control our pain body has over us. Here is the simple definition of a very powerful ego tool and that most of us are not even aware of when our pain body takes over. The pain body is the escalation of the ego’s need of negative emotion. Remembering that the ego takes great pleasure in always being right at all cost, whether it is at your expense or someone else’s. The term pain body was originated by the teachings of author, Eckhart Tolle. In his books, he very clearly explains the power and destruction this attached entity we all carry around with us can do. But we also have the personal tools and strength to vanquish it from your life. You could call the pain body your personal suffering, past painful emotional energy, physical pain energy, Vasana or the intense awareness of the painful consciousness of others.

Everything that happens to us from the moment of our birth and even before, is imprinted within the cellular structure of our body. Our ability to remember the hurt and pain as well as the love and good feeling is infinite. The pain body is a life form of its own, an energy that feeds off your emotional pain and that is how it survives. It consists of past emotional pain memories that have not been processed and released and continues to survive on those painful memories and by creating new suffering based on the reflex action of the past.

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Have you ever wondered why you chose to experience negative or painful emotions, when you would rather not? The pain body feeds off that discomfort. Be aware and alert to what triggers you that needs the fight, wants to be angry, always fearful, stressed or worried about something. As you experience the drama and pain, see if you somehow get a strange sense of rush and power from it. This is the pain body. Your awareness of it helps you break your identification with it and weakens it. The only thing to do from that point on is to see that “other” person who just broke your favorite coffee cup, screamed at your partner, swore at the mailman, took offense at some harmless advice or remark; is not you. It is a SEPARATE energy that is attached to you, working it!!!!!

Your pain body feeds off the drama and can activate all by itself by talking over your stream of thought and charging every thought with a painful emotion and imprint energy. The painful thought feeds the emotion further, and then the emotions starts looping until the old painful emotions arise to the surface. You, forgetting that those memories no longer exist in reality but only in energy. Unless you bring conscious awareness to it, this will continue until the pain body has been satiated with the drama (as described in Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”). It then subsides until it awakens again with the need to be fed, and NEVER happy or at peace.

The pain body requires your consciousness to survive, meaning you have to identify with it. You have to believe you are the creator of these feelings, such as, “I am nervous”, “I am pissed” or “I am stressed”. If there is any “I” in the feelings, that means the pain body has a hold on you. The pain body is not you at all. It activates all by itself and it subsides all by itself. Remember this as you observe your pain body’s behavior.

To begin the release of the pain body, it takes awareness and personal self-identification. Do not try to actively control or resist your negative emotions as this gives it reality. Instead…let your emotions be what they are completely. Pure awareness is all that is required to break identification with your pain body. Once you break identification, it loses power over you and begins to weaken. When you become aware of this “other” YOU who has taken over an emotional situation and chose instead to become the watcher versus only being the participator, you will see the hold the pain body has on you weaken.

Susan Z’s Verdict

It’s ok to be angry, upset, fearful, outraged, jealous and everything else on that long list; as long as you don’t identify with those emotions and realize that you are HAVING them not BEING them! A good healer or spiritual counselor may help the process, you will be guided to one. The same goes for books and affirmation tracks. The old saying; “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!”

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