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How Timing Works in a Psychic Reading

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How Timing Works in a Psychic Reading

Do you know the four letter word clients ask during a psychic reading the most? WHEN! When am I going to meet my soul mate? When will he ask me to marry him? When will I find a job? Very few psychics’ accuracy of timing has been almost always spot on, yet the majority of adviser may not be as fine-tuned. In fact, I knew one psychic who refused to do any time frames in her readings.

One of the reasons is that we humans are trapped in space in time, while our spirit guides and Angels are free to roam the Cosmo without having to wear a watch. Therefore, our guides observe all things as linear making it difficult to pinpoint Earth’s timing.

Are you confused with this explanation? To Angels a year could be a month or a month can be a couple of seconds. This is why your adviser predicts April of this year, when in fact it’s two years from now. My guides often use a four letter word that some clients dislike – SOON. It will happen soon, for in the spirit world everything is happening soon.

The blueprint of your life

Another cause of inaccuracy in timing is your free will, which is the ability to make your own decision even if it goes against the blueprint of your life. Higher Source has gifted you with a certain destiny; whether that’s: a doctor, lawyer, artist, speaker, or massage therapist. Certain people will come into your life to teach us: patience, compassion, forgiveness, boundaries, acceptance, service, and love. Now, this is where free will comes in – you can either accept, disregard, or run away from your blueprint’s gifts.

Perhaps you are still having a difficult time comprehending this? Here’s the following vision my guides presented me years ago to help my clients understand timing and free will.

Let’s say your Angels set up for you to collide into to finally meet your soul mate on the corner of 5th and 7th Avenue. They have heard your prayers, been planning and working on this for quite a while, and the day is finally here! As you stroll down 5th Avenue, you’re thinking about how thirsty you are; therefore, you make a snap decision to pop into the store for a bottle of soda.

Meanwhile, when you are in the store, your soul mate continues to mosey down 7th Avenue. Sigh, back to the drawing board to arrange another meeting.

Pamela’s Verdict

Please note that the guides and Angels have more important information for you than what the exact date is when an event will take place in your life. They’re more concerned with your spiritual growth, guiding you through difficulties, steps for you to take to improve your life, the lessons you need to learn, or connecting you with a deceased loved one from the other side. When it comes to timing your spirit guides and Angels prefer for you to learn patience, hope, and the faith that as you grow, everything will come to you at the perfect time.

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  1. Is this site going to do anymore celebrity psychic readings? It’s disappointing that it hasn’t been done in a very long time. Please do them again.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Nicole, we design our content schedule based on the interests of our readers so hearing from you helps us a lot. The celebrity psychic readings weren’t proving very popular so we stopped doing them, but we may test bringing them back and see what the interest is like now.