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How to Dress to Get What You Want

dress to attract what you want

Dress for success! Get ready with intent to attract what you want!

There are a few simple things one can do in order to manifest their desired in the physical world! Sometimes, we can feel silly repeating affirmations or acting like we have money we don’t actually have or a car we don’t actually drive. That’s natural! The best way to manifest is to make it as real as possible! So follow these simple tips to get straight into the vibes that you want to bring into your life!

Attract Romance

If you want to bring romance into your life, what can be better than being ready for it? For some, being ready for romance may involve wearing matching underwear, for others, that special perfume they use on dates. Whatever your trick is, use it on a daily basis with the same intent and excitement you would if you were to use it on a date. When you dress for a date, you’re halfway closer to getting one! Get into the mood and feel it all day!

This is not only something that you do with your clothes. If you want a ring on it, why not actually putting a ring on it? Add some bling-bling to your ring finger. Perhaps even a gold band just for the feel of it!

Attract Wealth

Perhaps you’re saving the fancy clothes a bit too much. What makes you feel wealthier than wearing the clothes and accessories that make you look like a million dollars? You have that handbag you spent $300 on but you seldom take it out of home. No more! Take it for a walk! Wear the nice jewelry and use the silk!

Carry cash with you. These days, we are so tempted to pay everything with card and we forget how to actually feel the money. Let your wallet be full of cash and watch, feel and smell the abundance.

Attract Beauty

Your beauty goal may not be how you currently look, but that doesn’t mean that you have to feel miserable until you get there! Treat yourself to some fancy clothes that fit you now. Do your make-up, or your hair, or your nails. The more you feel beautiful now, the more you will attract more beauty into your life!

Bonus: Add some colour to it.

The magic of colour is vibrant and fun! Give a boost to your manifestation by wearing the colours that match your vibes!

To attract love: Wear red, pink, yellow and white.

To attract wealth: Wear green, brown, gold, orange and all sorts of earthy tones.

To attract beauty: Wear bold colours, specially hot shades of pink and purple.

To attract luck: Wear green, gold and pearl.

To banish negativity: Wear black.

To attract courage: Wear yellow, red and orange.

Sibyl’s Verdict

What are your manifestation tricks and tips? What do you want to bring into your life the most right now? Let me know in the comment section and go manifest like your life is going to change!

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