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How To Know When A Spirit Is Trying To Communicate


How Do You Know When A Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You?

Whether we have strong psychic gifts or just an occasional “feeling” about something, spirit is constantly trying to get your attention. When the statement is made, “spirit communication”, most people immediately go to the place that their mother or someone else who is now on the other side, trying to get a message to them. But spirit communication can encompass many other forms of contact. Your higher self (soul), angels, other dimensional beings, and yes, sometimes your long-lost uncle George trying to let you know he is still around.

It does not matter how gifted you are or whether you believe it is possible that energetic communication can happen to you, it does. The key is to be open minded and like a big kid just given a huge sundae! The more you accept the possibility, the more it happens and the stronger it gets. The messages can sometimes be prophetic, supportive, loving, confirming or just wanting to let you know they are there for you.

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Here are some of the most common signs that “spirit” is trying to contact you. When these circumstances happen, just ask out loud…” What?” “What are you trying to tell me?” It may not come immediately but the better you get at being open to receiving those messages, the answers will come faster and clearer.

  1. Lights flickering, going on and off quickly or the lightbulbs just blowing out. Most people don’t take notice of these small signals and just replace the bulbs and go on about their business.
  2. You get a song stuck in your head and it will not go away, showing up on the radio, movies, TV or gets mentioned in conversations.
  3. You begin to have the same dream over and over and retain most of it in your waking hours.
  4. Experiencing telepathy. Telepathy is when you receive information by hearing or seeing something in your mind, or what is called “your mind’s eye” that has been intentionally put there in an attempt to communicate with you.
  5. Room temperature changes. This is probably one of the most common signs such as a cold breeze or a sudden drop in temperature with no explanation. Seeing your breath is mostly movie drama but it can happen.
  6. Observing the same series of numbers repeatedly. Doreen Virtue’s angel number sequences is a good source of information for this.
  7. Clocks stopping at the same time or you just happen to look at the clock the same time of day or night.
  8. Butterflies follow or surround you. In Chinese legend, seeing a butterfly can mean a soul has come to visit. Take notice if a person comes to mind when they show up or an answer to something you have praying about.
  9. Numerous flashes of images or a block of thoughts strung together with so much information, you can make no sense of what you just saw in your mind or just thought of. That is what is called over downloading, give yourself time to sort it out.
  10. You “audibly” hear your name called from out of nowhere.
  11. The “knowing” rolls over you and you absolutely without any doubt, know something is true, going to happen or has happened and no one can convince you otherwise.
  12. Shadows seen from your peripheral vision. (the corner of your eyes) Then when you turn and look, nothing is there.
  13. Your phone ringing just once. I am not talking about a cell phone “butt call” here but a one ring call with no ID information.
  14. Finding feathers that seem to appear out of nowhere. Floating down and landing by your feet or coming across one unexpectedly.
  15. Everytime you have a picture taken, there are floating misty orbs around you or somewhere in the picture.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Regardless of what dimension the information is coming from; spirit being, higher realms, your higher self (soul), angels, guides or avatars, it behooves you to be curious and alert enough to try and find out what message is being given to you. If the answer is not obvious, that is when I usually stomp my foot and ask “WHAT? are you trying to tell me!” I have also made it very clear to the powers that be that I don’t do “vague” well with messages, so if you are trying to get something across to me, send it in by a billboard on the highway route or I might miss it. Once you get the hang of it, you will know what method of receiving messages works best for you. Be alert, listen up and take notice!

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  1. Okay everything that I just read above is absolutely the truth I’m going through that right now I do I can read the signs they’re very clear to me for a long time I can clearly read everybody and sign it’s just a trip cuz I never had this on my phone I had another one and for some reason that one’s gone in this one’s here and since I’ve been reading your stories from this app has absolutely been mark on it’s very fulfilling I guess thank you

  2. I am ecstatic of where my concious self is leading me. I am blessed to be in the divine realm and look forward to clearer channels of communication as angels undoubtably have saved my life and kept me and my loved ones safe. Much love ❤

  3. This is spot on! What you say is absolute truth! I have had just about all of these things happen in my life for most of my life and I only wish I knew how to get to a higher level. Or move up to the next level of awareness and communication, stronger messages, being able to ask a question and see the result of the universe answering me!
    Thank you very Much! Kristi