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How To Know When It’s Time To Break Up

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How To Know When It’s Time To Break Up

I have never, and I mean never, given a reading to someone who is contemplating a break up or has just come out of one, that has not concluded they stayed too long in the relationship.

There is no rule book that one can go by to end a relationship as each one is different in its own right. Sometimes it is financial, fear of being alone, fear of physical harm, co-dependence, low-self-esteem but mostly it is about the loss of faith and hope that the future will be better than the now moment you are stuck in.

The challenge in relationships of when to know it’s time to break it off with someone is that with each day there is the potential for our emotions and feelings to change with each interaction.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the patterns in a relationship. If, over the course of time, the lows totally outnumber the highs and the negative feelings stay with you, then you must begin to think in terms of your own wellbeing and happiness. If you are not happy, then don’t expect whomever you are with to change that.

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9 ways to know it’s time to break up

If in doubt, whether you should make that break-up decision, here are some guidelines from the relationship experts.

  1. You’re just not happy. When you spend time with the right partner, you should be filled with a general sense of happiness. We’re not saying there won’t be arguments or you will not be occasionally upset at your partner. The difference is always being in a continual emotional struggle to feel happy with your partner.
  2. You doubt everything. You find yourself questioning why you are sharing time with this person, why you are doing things you don’t like to do and why you are happier by yourself than with them.
  3. You have tried everything you know to work it out. Once you reach this point, then you ask yourself the biggy question of: ‘If you two could work it out, do you still want to? Is there anything about this relationship that’s worth salvaging?’ If you can at least calmly address your conflicts, you can make a better assessment of your future relationship. If you can’t keep your anger down, it might be time to let it go.
  4. You have a sense that if you broke up, you wouldn’t regret it. One rule of thumb to know when to break up is to consider what the consequences will be. Do you still believe you might be giving up too soon, still believe he is the one or finally recognize the reason you are still in the relationship is you don’t want to hurt them?
  5. You sometimes wonder if there is something better out there for you. The big sign of a failing relationship is when you are involved with one person but secretly wishing you were with somebody else.
  6. You don’t feel good about yourself being with this person. If you have the feeling that you have ‘settled’ by choosing the first one that showed up and you feel you could do better, then do better. There is an old saying that if you want to know how someone really feels about themselves, look at who they are with.
  7. Everyone is encouraging you to end it. Sometimes we just can’t see the big picture of what we are really involved in until it is pointed out by the people that care about us. Set aside your ego pride and listen up. You will hear an objective overview of what you really have and then be able to ask yourself why you are still in the relationship.
  8. The cons outweigh the pros. Get practical and write a list of the good and the not so good about being with this person. You might be shocked at what you actually write down and it just may be the turning point for your decision.
  9. You’re lying to yourself. You know something is true, but you just can’t bring yourself to see it or admit it. You feel the negative feelings you are having about your partner is a direct reflection on your poor choices. That may well be true but even so, we all kiss some frogs at some point in order to get to our princes. Don’t make it personal, make it wise. Follow your gut feeling that he may not be right for you.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The longer you stay in an unhappy relationship or one that is not a good fit, you use precious time that you could be making room for someone you would be happy with. It’s just that simple!

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Susan Z Rich is an emotional addiction counselor, spiritual intuitive and holistic therapist. She counsels others to see life in a more positive way and teaches personal accountability for life choices. She is also the author of several children’s books and Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine. (life cycles) Learn more at her website:

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