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How to Recognize Spiritual Signs

recognizing signs

Signs From Above: How to Recognize Them

Signs, they’re everywhere, and sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether we are in front of the real deal or if our imagination is playing with us again! How to determine if that’s actually a sign or we are falling victims of what is psychologically called “frequency illusion”? Keep reading to find out!

The frequency illusion or selective attention.

To determine what is what, it’s necessary to explain what exactly is the frequency illusion. This is a psychological term, also known as The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon that explains why once we learn or take an interest on a topic, a name, a new word or a song, we start seeing it everywhere. This is thanks to selective attention, meaning that the information that is now implemented in our brain is more likely to be ackowledged when we come across it. This is probably the reason why you may have never minded about the name “Wenceslao” and it wasn’t until you fell for some Wenceslao guy that you started seeing his name all around!

It can be a little disheartening to think that what we consider signs can be actually a trick in our brain, right? The next points will help you know the difference between selective attention and an actual sign!

Spiritual signs: When we’re being guided from above.

An spiritual sign is usually something you cannot skip. It’s not just seeing a name or a number or an object or a sentence at random. It comes just in the right moment, and the seconds that precede the event are of a meaningful nature.

For instance, you can see “Just Do It” all over the place if you’re in a sports shop. There’s nothing mystical about it! But, if you’re walking down the street thinking about your new business venture when you bump against a post and when you look you see a “Just Do It” sticker… Then we are talking about a sign!

Some clues that it’s actually a sign.

  • You have asked for a sign.
  • You’re honestly seeking guidance.
  • The surrounding environment is not related to the sign.
  • It occurs in a way that makes it really difficult to be casual.
  • You wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t been lead to it.
  • It truly resonates with you.
  • This might be a cheesy one, but it gives you goosebumps.
  • You know what it means when you see it.
  • You have an inner feeling of connection.
  • It has an impact on you.
  • It doesn’t repeat over and over again.

Sibyl’s Verdict

Guidance from above is always well intentioned and a great gift given to us that can help us navigate the most uncertain and emotionally conflicting moments in our life.

How do you feel about signs? Have you ever been deeply impacted by one? Is there something special that you feel when you receive a sign? Have you ever received a sign that inspired significant change in your life? Leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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  1. My son passed dec 13th 2017 everywhere i walk i find a feather in front of me! I’m hoping that’s a sign from my son??

  2. I have sen the exact car , model and color 3 times in one afternoon. The car has a significant meaning to me about a past hurt. Does that mean anything?

  3. I was in deep thought whilst mowing my lawn, a family member was going through a difficult period in life. I had stopped and my mind was still on this when a single white feather fluttered down and landed on my foot. It was a perfect feather, nothing else or anyone was with me. This, I am sure was a sign telling me that things would work out and they did.

  4. My Uncle died two Julys ago, he collected dimes, me and my Aunt keep finding dimes in random places and a lot of them. Me personally, did not see dimes all the time, now i do…

  5. My husband died in 2005; the hearse came to my house and picked up my husband, I followed the hearse to the funeral home. I returned home and laid in bed crying; a little chickadee landed on a branch outside my window, every once in awhile i see what i feel is the same chickadee.

  6. My Son passed away May 24th 2017. I miss him so much. I was alone,went to wake him! I sat down beside him and said baby time to get up,and mugged him a bit. His arm fail down! And it was so very cold. I hit him and said no Ben your not going to do this to me! I ran outside screaming and crying.The niebor kids ran in and told their parents. Well a long story short! My daughter,and I hear foot steps coming down the hall. But their is no one their. I believe it is my Son!